Christopher Golden

Christopher Golden is the award-winning, bestselling author of such novels as The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and (with Tim Lebbon) The Map of Moments. He has also written books for teens and young adults, including Poison Ink, Soulless, and the thriller series Body of Evidence, honoured by the New York Public Library and chosen as one of YALSA's Best Books for Young Readers.

A lifelong fan of the "team-up," Golden frequently collaborates with other writers on books, comics, and scripts. In addition to his recent work with Tim Lebbon, he co-wrote the lavishly illustrated novel Baltimore, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire with Mike Mignola. With Thomas E. Sniegoski, he is the co-author of multiple novels, as well as comic book miniseries such as Talent and The Sisterhood. With Amber Benson, Golden co-created the online animated series Ghosts of Albion and co-wrote the book series of the same name.

As an editor, he has worked on the short story anthologies The New Dead and British Invasion, among others, and has also written and co-written comic books, video games, screenplays, the online animated series Ghosts of Albion (with Amber Benson) and a network television pilot.

The author is also known for his many media tie-in works, including novels, comics, and video games, in the worlds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, Angel, and X-Men, among others.

Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his family. His original novels have been published in fourteen languages in countries around the world.

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Christopher Golden books reviewed


  • Strangewood (1999)
  • Straight On 'Til Morning (2001)
  • The Ferryman (2002)
  • The Boys Are Back in Town (2004)
  • Wildwood Road (2005)
  • Bloodstained Oz (co-authored with James A. Moore, 2006)
  • Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire (co-authored with Mike Mignola, 2007)
  • Poison Ink (2008)
  • Soulless (2008)
  • When Rose Wakes (2010)
  • Bloodstained Wonderland (co-authored with James A. Moore)
  • Fresh Kill (co-authored with James A. Moore)

The Hidden Cities (co-authored with Tim Lebbon)

  • Mind the Gap (2008)
  • Map of Moments (2009)
  • The Chamber of Ten (2010)
  • The Shadow Men (2011)

The Veil

  • The Myth Hunters (2006)
  • The Borderkind (2007)
  • The Lost Ones (2008)

The Shadow Saga

  • Of Saints and Shadows (1994)
  • Angel Souls and Devil Hearts (1995)
  • Of Masques and Martyrs (1998)
  • The Gathering Dark (2003)
  • Waking Nightmares (2011)

The Menagerie (co-authored with Tom Sniegoski)

  • The Nimble Man (2004)
  • Tears of the Furies (2005)
  • Stones Unturned (2006)
  • Crashing Paradise (2007)

Ghosts of Albion (co-authored with Amber Benson)

  • Accursed (2005)
  • Astray (2005)
  • Initiation (2006)
  • Witchery (2006)


  • Hellboy: The Lost Army (1997)
  • Hellboy: The Bones of Giants (2001)
  • Hellboy: The Dragon Pool (2007)

Body of Evidence

  • Body Bags (1999)
  • Thief of Hearts (1999)
  • Soul Survivor (1999)
  • Meets the Eye (2000)
  • Head Games (2000)
  • Skin Deep (co-authored with Rick Hautala, 2000)
  • Burning Bones (co-authored with Rick Hautala, 2001)
  • Brain Trust(co-authored with Rick Hautala, 2001)
  • Last Breath (co-authored with Rick Hautala, 2004)
  • Throat Culture(co-authored with Rick Hautala, 2005)

OutCast (co-authored with Tom Sniegoski)

  • OutCast: The Un-Magician (2004)
  • OutCast: Dragon Secrets (2004)
  • OutCast: Ghostfire (2005)
  • OutCast: Wurm War (2005)


  • Prowlers (2001)
  • Laws of Nature (2001)
  • Predator and Prey (2001)
  • Wild Things (2002)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Halloween Rain (1997)
  • Blooded (1998)
  • Child of the Hunt (1998)
  • The Gatekeeper, Book One: Out of the Madhouse (1999)
  • The Gatekeeper, Book Two: Ghost Roads (1999)
  • The Gatekeeper, Book Three: Sons of Entropy (1999)
  • Immortal (1999)
  • Sins of the Father (1999)
  • Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row (2000)
  • The Lost Slayer (2001)
  • Oz: Into the Wild (2002)
  • The Wisdom of War (2002)
  • Monster Island (Pocket, 2003)
  • Dark Congress (2007)

The Waking (written under the pseudonym Thomas Randall)

  • Dreams of the Dead (2009)
  • Spirits of the Noh (2011)
  • A Winter of Ghosts (2011)

The Secret Journeys of Jack London (co-authored with Tim Lebbon)

  • The Wild (2011)
  • The Sea Wolves