David Whitley

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David Whitley was born in 1984 and graduated from the University of Oxford with a double First in English Literature and a passion for writing children's fiction. At age 17 his first children's novel was shortlisted for the Kathleen Fidler Award and at 20 he won the Cheshire Prize for Literature for a children's short story; the youngest writer ever to win this prestigious award which was presented by Michael Morpurgo. In 2005 David appeared on BBC2's University Challenge where he was a member of the winning Corpus Christi team who beat all competitors to become Series Champions. He is also a keen actor, director and chorister. David currently lives in Cheshire and is working on his second novel.

Fantasy Book Review interviewed David Whitley in October 2009
"Sadly, although Michael Morpurgo gave an excellent speech before the prize was announced, and said some very kind words, there wasn't time for much more than a handshake during the presentation. However, he did do me the honour of reading my story aloud, and the care and passion with which he read it was as inspiring as anything he could have said."
David Whitley on being presented the Cheshire Prize for Literature by Michael Morpurgo

David Whitley books reviewed


The Agora Trilogy

  • The Midnight Charter (2009)
    In the city of Agora, anything can be bought and sold. Even children are possessions until their twelfth birthday. Mark has been sold by his father, and Lily, an orphan from birth, has bartered for her life. Thrown together by chance, in the ancient tower of Count Stelli, they face an existence of poverty and servitude, unless they can find a way to break free. But, unbeknown to Mark and Lily, they are being watched by the ruler of the city. Can they survive the traps and treachery that await them and discover the dark secret that binds them together? Their lives depend on this question: what is the Midnight Charter?
  • The Children of the Lost (2010)
    Mark and Lily have been banished from Agora, the ancient city-state where everything is for sale - memories, emotions - even children. Lost and alone they discover Giseth, a seemingly perfect land where everyone is equal, possessions are unknown, and Lily believes they will find the secret of their entwined destiny. But paradise comes at a price. Why are their new friends so scared? What hides deep in the forest? And who is the mysterious woman who appears in their dreams, urging them to find the Children of the Lost?
  • The Canticle of Whispers (2013)