Fran Jacobs

Fran Jacobs graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Masters degree in Ancient History in 2001, and now lives in Swansea, South Wales, where she runs an online gothic website, Megaera's Realm. Fran mostly writes fantasy, with a penchant for the darker side of it, and her stories have been published in a variety of magazines including Forgotten Worlds, Nanobison, Neo-opsis and Alien Skin Magazine. But she also dabbles in writing macabre short stories and articles on witches, black magic and vengeful female poisoners.

Her debut novel, the Shadow Seer, Book One of Ellenessia's Curse has been published with Writers Exchange E-publishing.

You can read more about her past achievements and future projects on her website:

Fran Jacobs books reviewed



  • April: The Shadow Seer was published in ebook format with Writers Exchange E-publishing


  • The changeling reprinted with Golden Visions magazine
  • Ume's Lament reprinted with Golden Visions magazine


  • The Succubus published with Ballista
  • This is my Heart published with Art and Prose. Issue 5
  • Medyna's Choice reprinted with Dred Magazine
  • Daydreams published in AlienSkin Magazine
  • Ume's Lament published in Forgotten Worlds
  • Community Service reprinted with Afterburn


  • Rules of War reprinted with Daikaijuzine
  • Medyna's Choice published in Neo Opsis
  • The Changeling published in Nanobision


  • Rules of War published in Chaos Theory, Tales Askew
  • February: Community Service published in ATsoise