James A Moore

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James A. Moore is an award winning author of novels, thrillers, dark fantasy and horror. At present his best known works are Fireworks, Under The Overtree, Blood Red and the Serenity Falls trilogy. He has also ventured into the realm of young adult novels with the series Subject Seven. In addition to writing novels and short stories he has also edited, with Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon, the British Invasion anthology for Cemetery Dance Publications.

James A Moore books reviewed


  • Subject Seven (Razorbill, 2011)
    Years ago, scientists began developing the ultimate military weapon: deadly sleeper assassins housed within the bodies of teenagers. Now, Subject Seven, the dangerous alter-ego living inside a 16-year-old boy, has escaped the lab and is on a mission. His objective? To seek out others like him and build an army capable of destroying their creators. Hunter, Cody, Gene, Tina, and Kylie: five teenagers leading typical lives, until the day they each receive a call from a mysterious stranger-and learn that their destinies are intertwined. Subject Seven holds the key that connects them all. And a vicious, bloody battle for their lives is just beginning.
  • Vendetta (Morning Star Press, 2009)
    He has a perfect life. A beautiful wife, three loving children and an empire he’s spent a lifetime building. Robert Workham is happy, truly happy for the first time in as long as he can remember. The last time he came close to this level of joy was a lifetime ago, when he was a very different entity, a violent, hateful thing that killed without remorse or compassion. In his time he has slain kings, leaders of industry and some of the most power figures in the history of mankind. But that’s all in the past. But now his past is coming back for him… His name is Jonathan Crowley, and he is relentless and unforgiving.
  • Deeper (Necessary Evil Press, 2008; Berkley, 2009)
    An off-shore expedition ends in a fascinating discovery for a team of divers near New England. The thing they bring ashore is certainly unusual. Big mistake thinking it couldn't survive on land. Bigger mistake thinking that it's the only one of its kind.
  • Blood Red (Earthling Publications, 2005; Berkley Books, 2007)
    For years, Halloween has been a time for celebration in picturesque Black Stone Bay, RI. But this year, things will be very different. This year, the town will learn that things that go bump in the night are not always figments off the imagination.
  • Newbies (Smooch, 2004)
    When three students vanish during the first week of school, a small group of teens decides to investigate the mysterious disappearances-never imagining the horror they will uncover.
  • Fireworks (Meisha Merlin Publishing, 2001; Leisure Books, 2003)
    It began on a happy day. The small town of Collier has gathered on the Fourth of July to watch the fireworks. But in the middle of the celebration, the shocked spectators witnessed something almost beyond comprehension, something too horrifying to believe. The lucky ones were killed immediately. They escaped the true terror that was yet to come, terror that would come from an even more surprising source... It's quiet now in Collier. The townspeople are waiting, resting, gathering their strength. They know what will come. They know the quiet will soon be shattered. They know the screaming will soon begin. But they don't know what will be left when the screaming stops.
  • Under the Overtree (Meisha Merlin Publishing, 2000; Leisure Books, 2002)
    Mark, once a lonely young man, now experiences his entire world as it shifts to accommodate his desires. The girl of his dreams is for the taking, and the kids who bullied him are disappearing one by one...

Bloodstained series (co-authored by Christopher Golden)

  • Bloodstained Oz (Earthling Publications, 2006)
  • Bloodstained Wonderland (TBA)
  • Bloodstained Neverland (TBA)

Chris Corin series

  • Possessions (Leisure Books, 2004)
    Chris Corin has the unshakable feeling that he's being followed. And he's right. But he doesn't know what's after him, what waits in the shadows. He doesn't know that what his late mother left him in her will is the source of inconceivable power. Power that something hideous wants very badly indeed. — By the time Chris realizes what's happening - and what's at stake - it may alread be too late. Who would believe him? Who could imagine the otherworldly forces that will stop at nothing to possess what Chris has? No, Chris will have to confront the darkness that has crept into his life, threatening his very sanity. And unless he can convince someone that he's not crazy, he'll have to confront it alone.
  • Rabid Growth (Leisure Books, 2005)
    People change all the time. But Chris Corin is noticing some pretty extreme changes in the people around him. His best friend is suffering from a strange fever and acting in ways that just don't make sense. And some oddly familiar people in town have started stalking Chris, threatening him, blaming him for bizarre changes they've noticed in themselves. Things get worse when the changes become physical. Blisters start to form on people. Hideous mutations appear around town. Can these changes somehow be responsible for the violent murders that have occurred -- murders that point directly at Chris? Something definitely wants Chris dead, something very powerful. Something beyond his imagination.

Serenity Falls series

  • Serenity Falls (Meisha Merlin Publishing, 2003)
    Every town has secrets. Every town has a past that is littered with violence and tainted with lust and greed. Serenity Falls is no exception. There are deeds best forgotten, buried in the past and hidden from prying eyes, but some things refuse to stay concealed. Something in Serenity wants to make itself known and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. Serenity has had its problems, to be sure, but as a whole everything seems to be getting better. The local economy is booming and the job market has gone from almost nothing to enough work to keep everyone who wants the work employed. Still, something is going sour in the 'Falls. The cemetery has been desecrated, the children are disappearing, the locals are having trouble with all the new people in town, and there have been several attacks by wild animals. The town is trying to rebuild itself, to recover from over a decade of hard times, but every success is met with tragedy and Jonathan Crowley, a stranger himself in the town, is certain that the events are all connected. Proving his theories could be the death of him, because Jonathan Crowley didn't come to Serenity Falls looking for work like most of the newcomers.
  • Writ in Blood (Jove, May 2005)
    Serenity Falls is dead. No commerce, tourism, or good will. It gets worse. An historian has uncovered the town's unspeakable past: lynchings, mass murders, sexual depravity, and rumors of the birth of the anti-Christ. But the darkest secret is yet to be revealed.
  • The Pack (Jove, June 2005)
    Welcome to Serenity Falls...A young girl is horribly tortured, a boy becomes a conduit to hell, the dogs of the town turn feral. One man has been enlisted to stop the encroaching evil. He'll soon discover that the true horror lies not with those who walk the earth, but with those who lie beneath it.
  • Dark Carnival (Jove, July 2006) 
    Following Writ in Blood and The Pack, the chilling Serenity Falls horror trilogy concludes with Dark Carnival. The town of Serenity Falls, New York, labors under a centuries-old curse-making no one there safe, and rendering nothing as it seems. In Dark Carnival, the circus arrives in town to raise a ruckus. But the Carnival of the Fantastic is raising more than that. It's raising the dead. No one can save Serenity Falls now-except the stranger known as the Hunter. Only he can protect the innocent from the damned. Because only he can tell them apart.

Seven Forges series

  • Seven Forges (Angry Robot, Sept 2013)
    The people of Fellein have lived with legends for many centuries. To their far north, the Blasted Lands, a legacy of an ancient time of cataclysm, are vast, desolate and impassable, but that doesn't stop the occasional expedition into their fringes in search of any trace of the ancients who once lived there - and oft-rumoured riches. Captain Merros Dulver is the first in many lifetimes to find a path beyond the great mountains known as the Seven Forges and encounter, at last, the half forgotten race who live there. And it would appear that they were expecting him. As he returns home, bringing an entourage of the strangers with him, he starts to wonder whether his discovery has been such a good thing. For the gods of this lost race are the gods of war, and their memories of that far-off cataclysm have not faded.
  • The Blasted Lands (Angry Robot, June 2014)
    The Empire of Fellein is in mourning. The Emperor is dead, and the armies of the empire have grown soft. Merros Dulver, their newly-appointed - and somewhat reluctant - commander, has been tasked with preparing them to fight the most savage enemy the world has yet seen. Meanwhile, a perpetual storm ravages the Blasted Lands, and a new threat is about to arise - the Broken are coming, and with them only Death.
  • City of Wonders (Angry Robot, November 2015)
    Old Canhoon, the City of Wonders, is having a population explosion as refugees from Tyrne and Roathes alike try to escape the Sa'ba Taalor. All along the border between the Blasted Lands and the Fellein Empire armies clash and the most powerful empire in the world is pushed back toward the old Capital. From the far east the Pilgrim gathers an army of the faithful, heading for Old Canhoon. In Old Canhoon itself the imperial family struggles against enemies old and new as the spies of their enemies begin removing threats to the gods of the Seven Forges and prepare the way for the invading armies of the Seven Kings. In the distant Taalor valley Andover Lashk continues his quest and must make a final decision, while at the Mounds, something inhuman is awakened and set free. War is Here. Blood will flow and bodies will burn.