Jeff Shanley

Jeff Shanley has been a fan of fantasy fiction since first reading J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. He was inspired by Tolkien's detailed descriptions of the history and languages of Middle-earth, which led him to creating his own. Mr. Shanley currently lives in Cooper City, Florida. Mathion was his debut novel.

Jeff Shanley books reviewed


Mavonduri Trilogy

  • Mathion (2010)
    In an ancient time long lost to legend, a race of men known as the Wolven inhabited the land of Ánovén. To the north lay the land of Kânavad, home to a brutal, savage race we know today as Werewolves. At the age of seven, the Wolven prince Mathion encountered a dying White Wolf, and received two gifts that would forever change not only his life, but the course of history itself. Centuries later, with a White Wolf at his side, Mathion gathers together a small band of warriors, consisting of both friends and family. Their mission: help the city of Kihar east of the river defend itself against an advancing army of werewolves. Along the way, Mathion learns of a secret that he has carried with him all his life, and a power that can change the tide of a war that has raged between the Wolven and the Werewolves for over twenty thousand years. Little does he know that his enemy is well aware of this secret. And they will do anything to obtain the final piece of a puzzle that, if completed, could condemn the world to eternal darkness. When someone close to him is captured alive by the enemy, Mathion attempts the impossible: to venture into the enemy's homeland itself, and infiltrate the Black City, the stronghold of Lord Azgharáth, the oldest and strongest of the werewolves. With this choice, events are set in motion that will hurtle these lands toward a final confrontation, and an epic journey is begun that will change everyone's lives forever.