KV Johansen

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K.V. Johansen's has M.A. degrees in Medieval Studies and in English Literature. She was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Her YA novel Nightwalker was a VOYA "Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror" selection (April 2007) and won the 2008 Ann Connor Brimer Award. Torrie and the Pirate-Queen won the 2006 Lilla Sterling Award from the Canadian Author's Association. Torrie and the Firebird was one of the Ontario Library Association's Top Ten Children's Books of 2006, while The Cassandra Virus was shortlisted for the Canadian Association of Children's Librarians 2007 Book of the Year for Children Award. She held the 2001 Eileen Wallace Research fellowship in Children's Literature from the Wallace Collection at UNB and received the 2004 Frances E. Russell Award from IBBY Canada for research into children's literature. Her research has been published in book form as Beyond Window Dressing: Canadian Children's Fantasy at the Millennium. In 2000 she received a Lieutenant-Governor's Early Childhood Literacy Award. Johansen's website: www.pippin.ca

KV Johansen books reviewed


Warlocks of Talverdin (novels, fantasy, young adult)

  • Nightwalker (2007)
  • Treason in Eswy (2008)
  • Warden of Greyrock (2009)

Torrie Quests (novels, fantasy, children's)

  • Torrie and the Dragon (1997)
  • Torrie and the Pirate-Queen (2005) (in Danish as Sørøverdronningen, 2005)
  • Torrie and the Firebird (2006)
  • Torrie and the Snake-Prince (2007) (in Macedonian translation 2008)

Cassandra Virus (novels, science fiction, children's)

  • The Cassandra Virus (2006)
  • The Drone War (2007)
  • The Black Box (2009)

Pippin (picture books)

  • Pippin Takes a Bath (1999) (in French as Au bain, coquine!, 1999)
  • Pippin and the Bones (2000) (in French as Coquine et son trésor, 2000)
  • Pippin and Pudding (2001) (in French as Coquine et Pouding, 2001)

Collections (short stories, fantasy, adult)

  • The Serpent Bride and Other Stories from Medieval Danish Ballads (1998)
  • The Storyteller and other Tales (2008)


  • Quests and Kingdoms: A Grown-Up's Guide to Children's Fantasy Literature (2005)
  • Beyond Window Dressing? Canadian Children's Fantasy at the Millennium (2007)