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Liam Roger Sharp (born May 2, 1968) is a British comic book artist, writer and publisher.

Sharp made his debut in the 1980s for the famous science fiction magazine 2000 AD after a year's apprenticeship with the legendary Don Lawrence. His works included many Judge Dredd stories and the ABC Warriors series. He then moved to Marvel UK, for which he drew the famous mini-series Death's Head II. Thereafter he began working mainly in the United States on books as diverse as X-Men, Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, Man-Thing, Superman and Batman.

Sharp has also worked on more mature themed books for Verotik, doing GOTH, Jaguar God and Frank Frazetta's "The Death Dealer". Later he co-created the Wildstorm series The Possessed with writer Geoff Johns, and a strip for Heavy Metal magazine, entitled "A-crazy-A" featuring Playboy model Tiffany Taylor - for which he provided the art and script.

In 2004 Sharp set up his own publishing company, Mam Tor Publishing, with wife Christina McCormack to publish the artbook Sharpenings: the Art of Liam Sharp.

After the early success with this, Sharp saw a hole in the comic book market for alternative independent comics, and together with designer Tom Muller and friend John Bamber set out to expand the company to start publishing more work. This saw the launch of the critically acclaimed and award -winning anthology, Mam Tor: Event Horizon.

Sharp went on to illustrate the controversial and critically well-received DC Vertigo comic and the Countdown-related title, Lord Havok and The Extremists with writer Frank Tieri.

He is now providing the art for the Wildstorm title based on the video game Gears of War.

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