Maggie Furey

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Maggie Furey was born in the northeast of England in 1955. Her debut fantasy series, The Artefacts of Power, was an instant success and Furey quickly became one of the most thrilling fantasy authors to have emerged from the United Kingdom in many years. The late David Gemmell described her work as "infinitely enchanting".

Maggie Furey's stories are character-driven and thereby avoid being predictable. She begins by building the fantasy world, and then introduces the key characters and the concept of the story. Rules and structure are adhered to and she approaches her world building with an eye-for-detail that allows the setting to be realistic and lifelike.

Quintessentially English, Maggie Furey enjoys watching cricket and show jumping. In her spare time she likes to read, walk and spend time in her garden. Maggie Furey is a qualified teacher and has also reviewed books on BBC Radio Newcastle. She currently lives in County Wicklow, Ireland.

Maggie Furey is an author held in high regard by fellow fantasy author Robert Le Normand. Robert explains why the Artefacts of Power is amongst his three favourite fantasy series of all time. Robert Le Normand is the author of Kendulla.

Maggie Furey books reviewed


The Artefacts of Power

  • Aurian (1994)
  • Harp of Winds (1995)
  • Sword of Flame (1996)
  • Dhiammara (1997)

The Shadowleague

  • The Heart of Myrial (1999)
  • The Spirit of the Stone (2001)
  • The Eye of Eternity (UK) (2002)

Chronicles of Xandim

  • Heritage (2008)