Mark A Cropper

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Mark A. Cropper is an English fantasy author who was born in 1947 and is still going. A self-confessed "aged hippy", he was once a psychiatric-nurse and is now a writer.
Mark A. Cropper was born in and brought up in Hollington, St. Leonards-on-sea, near Hastings in England. He went to Silverhill Primary School, Silverdale Junior School and the Grove Secondary Modern School for boys.
At 14, he spent a year in the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital due to a bone disease. After leaving school with no qualifications he joined the army, the Junior Leaders Regiment in Denbury Camp near Newton Abbott. He hated the army.
After the army he did several jobs, putting up TV aerials, making popcorn and then nursing at Hellingly Hospital in Hailsham, Sussex.
At the age of 20, he walked the “hippy trail” across Europe and half of Asia, ending up in India and Kathmandu.
Mark A. Cropper returned to the UK in 1970 and a year later he married Barbara. They lived in Streathem before moving to live in Bristol. In June 1971 his son Andrew was born.
It was at Glenside Hospital that he qualified as a psychiatric nurse. After 12 year the family moved to Blackpool, where he set up a small counselling/psychotherapy ward (Ward 31). Disillusioned with the NHS he retired aged 55, and completed the “Wizard of Rainbows”.

Mark A, Cropper’s interests and hobbies include fly-fishing, war-gaming (Ancient Period, Greek and Roman) and music (folk and blue-grass). He also draws, paints, writes poetry and dreams.

Mark A Cropper books reviewed


  • The Wizard of Rainbows (2007)