Mark Anthony Tierno

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Mark Anthony Tierno lives in Monrovia, California and is a lifelong fantasy and Sci-Fi reader. Mark completed his first novel Maldene in 1996, a novel that was finally published in 2006 following ten years of agent rejections.

Maldene is a world of magic and ancient secrets, but one under the dark shadow of a powerful wizard named Miro, whom it is said even the gods fear. His true goals are the stuff of centuries-long conjecture. Into this, Sabu and Eldar lead a band of mercenaries for the alleged reason of raiding one of Miros old, abandoned labs, yet several in this group have ulterior motives. For Sabu and Eldar, this would be what a blind, old, gold-skinned gypsy had told them about a destiny and the third of their number they would meet. Making it through the hazards of this old facility only starts them on a road that will take them across the farthest reaches of Maldene, through it all ever the dark hand of Miro in evidence. Everywhere save with a mysterious king who seems the only one willing to stand up against the forces of Miro, as Sabu and Eldar find that they and their companions have been recruited for a battle against the most evil being ever known.

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Mark Anthony Tierno books reviewed


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