Melissa and Emily Boverhof

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Melissa Boverhof, age 18, and Emily Boverhof age 16, are both home school'ers from Grant Michigan; were they live with their parents, Steve and Nancy Boverhof, and their younger siblings, Lynn, age 6, and Justin, age 3.

Melissa and Emily are both very active in their county 4-H program since 1999, showing arts & crafts, and swine at the Newaygo County Fair each year. Every year fair is the big family vacation. The whole family is involved with 4-H and enjoys the whole week. They have won many county 4-H medals and awards over the past years.  They are both leaders in their 4-H club and members of the Newaygo County  4-H Council. Participating  and competing in county to national 4-H events;  this year they will be showing projects at the state level. Melissa has competed for Michigan state awards for 2 years, and received regional honors.

Melissa  is an Equine Artist, in 2007 she sent a drawing out to the California Dream Horse Art show, and received first place in the junior division. She also has a website,

Emily loves to bake, and decorate cakes. She has made cakes for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, banquets, and just for fun.

Melissa and Emily both have a passion for animals, especially horses.  Currently their barn houses chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, goats, a steer, horses, pigs and a dog. They both look forward to their morning barn chores, it just seems to start the day out right. The Boverhof family find their little hobby farm as a way to get away, they enjoy making maple syrup, raising their own meat, growing their own garden, cutting wood to heat their home, and raising chickens to get their own eggs.

Melissa and Emily also enjoy music. Melissa plays both electric and acoustic guitars, Emily plays the violin, and they both play the piano. They are members of their youth group's  praise band, Melissa plays lead electric guitar and Emily plays the keyboard.

Melissa and Emily and their families are also very active in their church. They have run, organized and helped with many youth group events, consisting of: Creation vs. Evolution night, 30 hour Famine, regular youth group nights, and missions trips. Melissa is also leading the youth group's bible study. They are both attending a home school theology class taught by their pastor.

Melissa and Emily give God the glory for all they have been able to accomplish, and pray that he will continue to use their lives to impact others for his kingdom.

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