Mike Wilks

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Londoner Mike Wilks is an award-winning artist and best-selling author of The Ultimate Alphabet and The Ultimate Noah's Ark. His paintings, which have been described as 'meticulous and eye-bending', can be found in public and private collections in Europe and the USA. The Mirrorscape books transport the reader into Mike's compelling inner world.

The following biography excerpt is taken from www.mike-wilks.com.

"After art school I embarked on a career in graphic design eventually founding my own design group, TWD, in 1970. Five years later, on the back of great success, I sold the company and began a second career writing and illustrating my own books. I have published eight works so far, two of which have been best sellers. I moved to the south of France in 1988 and later featured in an award-winning BBC television documentary chronicling my life and work. I have had four one-man exhibitions as well as contributing to various group shows. My original paintings and drawings can be found in major public and private collections in Europe and the USA. I am now once again based in London where I'm busy writing novels. The first of these, Mirrorscape will be published in October 2007 and it's sequels, Mirrorstorm and Mirrorshade, in the following years."

Mike Wilks books reviewed


  • Pile - Petals from St. Klaed's Computer (with Brian Aldiss)
  • In Granny's Garden (with Sarah Harrison)
  • The Weather Works
  • The Ultimate Alphabet
  • The Annotated Ultimate Alphabet
  • The Ultimate Noah's Ark
  • The BBC Drawing Course
  • The Ultimate Spot-The-Difference Book (Metamorphosis) 
  • Mirrorscape
    When Mel becomes an apprentice to a master painter, he discovers not only two good friends – Wren and Ludo – but the secret world of the Mirrorscape. A world that mirrors the painting’s canvas, where strange people, fantastical inventions and dangerous creatures come to life. A world where swivel-headed butlers fight in houses with legs, and pyramid mazes reverse time. Mel and his friends must now prepare for a battle where the humble paintbrush is a deadly weapon…
  • Mirrorstorm
    Mel, Ludo and Wren are battling a new enemy - the sinister order of Ters, who have created storms over the city of Vlam. After a cry for help from a land in the Mirrorscape, the three friends go back into that strange and unpredictable world. They make new friends - and enemies - as they attempt to prevent the storms that threaten Vlam with a plague of demons. But the Ters and the terrifying demon-slayer Morg are sniffing at their heels. And it seems there is a traitor in their midst. The fate of more than one world is balanced on the tip of a brush...
  • Mirrorshade

Critical acclaim

"An endearing hero, a cast of incredible characters and a plot that will keep you breathlessly turning the pages. Mirrorscape is magical and enthralling" Jenny Nimmo, author of the Charlie Bone series

"The special thing that Wilks brings to his tale is the artist's eye" Philip Ardagh, Guardian Review