Patricia L ONeill

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Patricia L O’Neill was born in Chicago and earned a Ph.D. in biology from the University of California at Los Angeles. Her career as an academic scientist took her to universities throughout the U.S. and to the remotest deserts of Africa.

In 1986 she moved to Australia to continue her scientific research and began writing science articles for Australian magazines. After winning several national awards for her short fiction, she decided to write full time, and concentrated on historical fiction so she could combine creative writing, research skills and a scientist’s eye for unsolved mysteries. The enigma of the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut ignited a passion for ancient Egypt which culminated in Her Majesty the King, which won the NSW Writers’ Centre & New Holland Publishers Genre Fiction Award for 2008.

Patricia is an Executive of the Ancient Egypt Society of Western Australia, where she lectures on Egyptian history and teaches hieroglyphics; she also belongs to The Western Australian Museum Centre for Ancient Egyptian Studies, The Australian Centre for Egyptology, The American Research Centre in Egypt and the Egypt Exploration Society. Patricia is the science columnist for Aurealis Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction. Patricia lives in the hills outside Perth, Western Australia.

Patricia L ONeill books reviewed


  • Her Majesty the King (2010)
    Hatshepsut, the gifted and beautiful daughter of the Pharaoh, vows to accept whatever fate the gods have decreed for her. When just fourteen, she kills a marauder, is betrothed to her loathsome brother and becomes the most powerful priestess in Egypt. She falls in love with Senenmut, the brilliant commoner who is torn between his yearning for Hatshepsut and his duty to protect her. When her father dies, Hatshepsut must make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of Egypt.
  • The Horus Throne (2010)
    In the glittering but treacherous kingdom of the Pharaohs, young Queen Hatshepsut must become a warrior king or face the annihilation of her people. Freed from her incestuous marriage and enthroned as a god in her own right, Hatshepsut finds the whole world is opposed to a woman who rules over men. To prove her sanction by the gods, she risks her life and her crown by erecting a monument to rival the pyramids. On the brink of her triumph, a conspiracy plunges Egypt into rebellion. The struggle to save her nation throws Hatshepsut into epic battles, a race for hidden treasure and a heartbreaking betrayal that shatters the man she loves.
  • The Eye of Re (2011)
    Egypt in 1476 BCE is on the brink of disaster. The female Pharaoh Hatshepsut has crushed a bloody rebellion, but she invoked the treacherous god Seth to annihilate her enemies. Now he is devouring her soul. But she needs Seth's power even more to defeat the warlords of Canaan and Syria, who have vowed to destroy the woman who dares rule over men. And what better revenge than to burn alive Hatshepsut's own daughter as a sacrifice to their savage gods? Hatshepsut must find a way to smash Egypt's brutal enemies without becoming a monster herself. The men who adore Hatshepsut struggle to outdo one another for her love, but their jealousy and hatred escalate to murderous intensity. Heartbreaking tragedies challenge the female Pharaoh's fidelity, faith and even her sanity. Egypt reaches unprecedented power and wealth as she conquers everything but her own heart.