Rachel Aaron

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Rachel Aaron is a US fantasy author who writes the Legend of Eli Monpress series for Orbit Books. She was born and raised in Atlanta and currently lives in Athens, Georgia. She writes full time and loves reading fantasy, Romance and Science Fiction.

"I had the idea for a magical system where everything had a spirit years and years ago. So long ago, in fact, that I can’t actually remember the genesis. Of course, once I had the idea, it wouldn’t shut up. I just kept thinking about talking tables and chatty winds and so forth, but I didn’t have a book to put it in at the time, so I filed the idea away. Then, a few years after that, Eli’s character walked into my head and I knew the spirit world idea would be perfect for him. I mean, what better world for an overly charming thief than a world where charm is magic? So Eli started talking to the prison door and that was that."
Rachel Aaron, when asked what led her to use spirits as a basis for her Eli Monpress series

Rachel Aaron books reviewed


The Legend of Eli Monpress

  • The Spirit Thief (2010)
    Eli Monpress is talented. He's charming. And he's a thief. But not just any thief. He's the greatest thief of the age - and he's also a wizard. And with the help of his partners - a swordsman with the most powerful magic sword in the world but no magical ability of his own, and a demonseed who can step through shadows and punch through walls - he's going to put his plan into effect. The first step is to increase the size of the bounty on his head, so he'll need to steal some big things. But he'll start small for now. He'll just steal something that no one will miss - at least for a while. Like a king.
  • The Spirit Rebellion (2010)
    Eli Monpress is brilliant. He's incorrigible. And he's a thief. He's also still at large, which drives Miranda Lyonette crazy. While she's been kicked out of the Spirit Court, Eli's had plenty of time to plan his next adventure. But now the tables have turned, because Miranda has a new job - and an opportunity to capture a certain thief. Things are about to get exciting for Eli. He's picked a winner for his newest heist. His target: the Duke of Gaol's famous 'thief-proof' citadel. Eli knows Gaol is a trap, but what's life without challenges? Except the Duke is one of the wealthiest men in the world, a wizard who rules his duchy with an iron fist, and an obsessive perfectionist with only one hobby: Eli. It seems that everyone is hunting for Eli Monpress.
  • The Spirit Eater (2010)
    With the pressure on after his success in Gaol, Eli Monpress, professional thief and degenerate, decides it's time to lie low for a bit. Taking up residence in a tiny seaside village, Eli and his companions seize the chance for some fun and relaxation. Nico, however, is finding it a bit hard. Plagued by a demon's voice in her head and feeling powerless, she only sees herself as a burden. Everyone's holiday comes to an untimely close, though, when Pele arrives to beg Eli's help for finding her missing father. But there are larger plans afoot than even Eli can see, and the real danger, and the solution, may lie with one of his own and her forgotten past. If only Nico could remember whose side she's on.
  • Spirit's Oath (2012, a novella)
    Four years before the events of The Spirit Thief, Miranda Lyonette was a young apprentice Spiritualist on the cusp of a promising career. But on the eve of her return from bonding a wind spirit, a night that should have been a celebration, she finds instead that her father has come to take her home. Now, Miranda must choose between her duty to her family and her future at the Spirit Court. But while she's trying to make her parents see reason and avoid an arranged marriage to a man she can't stand, she stumbled across the one one spirit who needs her more than any other, a caged ghosthound who doesn't want her help. To save him, Miranda will have to earn the dog's trust, but what she gets in return is a friendship deeper than anything she expected.