Ricardo Pinto

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Ricardo Pinto is Portuguese, but has lived and studied in Scotland since he was a child. Previously he designed and programmed computer games. He lives in Edinburgh.

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1961. When I was six, my family came to London and, then, Dundee in Scotland. I grew up there. In 1979 I began a degree in mathematics at Dundee University. I had been discouraged to do either architecture or ancient history - the latter being a lifelong passion. It was during the summer holidays of perhaps 1982 that I conceived what was to become eventually The Stone Dance of the Chameleon. I hammered out a first version of it on an old typewriter. The finished manuscript was around 600 pages and almost total rubbish.

To read Ricardo's biography in full, visit his official website - http://www.ricardopinto.com/biography/index.php

Ricardo Pinto books reviewed


The Stone Dance of the Chameleon

  • The Chosen (1999)
  • The Standing Dead (2001)
  • The Third God (2009)