Robert C Auty

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Robert enjoyed reading fantasy fiction for years before first trying his hand at writing in 1998. Rather than Tolkien, it was his favourite authors David Gemmell and David Eddings that have given him inspiration for his novels.

Originally from Lancashire, he spent his formative years in Canada before returning to England where his family settled in the village of Heysham, Lancashire. Robert now lives on the edge of the Lake District.

Outside of his work, as a manager with a distribution company, and alongside his writing, Robert enjoys the outdoors, photography and his recent passion - beekeeping.

In 2007, with The Siege of Scarn, Robert was runner-up in the Spinetinglers Book of The Year competition for Dark Fiction.

Robert C Auty books reviewed


  • The Seige of Scarn
  • Connor's Folly

Critical acclaim

“…As for the siege itself, in my opinion the author has penned one of the best fantasy conflicts that I have had the pleasure to read.”
Taff Lovesey, Author of ‘The Portal Chronicles’

…Meet Connor, an outlaw on the run from an evil oppressor for a botched assassination attempt. Like most modern heroes, Connor has a mixture of controlled brutality, deep-rooted integrity and subtle humour. Add a band of diverse individuals, including a dwarf, a loyal warrior and Connor’s love interest - the enigmatic Janice, which help him on his journey, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a thrilling tale…
Paul Cave, Author of ‘Cold Light of Day’ and other titles.

…Trance Warriors: The Siege of Scarn is a quality read, believable fantasy in a violent world. The plot, from the first page, thickens, flows and concludes - knowing there is more to come - effortlessly with a fast pace and ease of reading…
Mark S. Bennison, Author of ‘Military Rule’, and other titles.