Sean Beech

I have heard it said that authors draw inspiration from their own personal life experiences and if this is the case then perhaps you can see the links. I was born in Elgin, Scotland, my father having been posted there with the Royal Navy. We emigrated to South Africa when I was one and spent the next six years of my life there. My mother brought us back to Scotland when I was seven and it was there, in the North East that I fell in love with nature, castles and mountains.

I have always enjoyed writing but never considered it is a career choice when I left school. I chose instead to join the Army in pursuit of action and adventure; you will believe anything at 16. My decision to write this book started whilst serving in Iraq. At first it was a way to pass the time, but quickly became a passion. Not with a view to becoming a published author but because I was saddened and appalled by the reading standards of many of the young infantry soldiers in the Army and hoped in some small way that I might be able to interest them in reading for pleasure.

My decision to publish this book and those to follow came from a conversation with a friend of mine who stated simply that ‘if you can be bothered to write it than at least give people the opportunity to read it.’ However my aims are still the same. I am determined in whatever way I can to help improve the reading standards for all in this country, and to that end 50% of my profits from the sale of this and any future works will be donated to charities involved solely in the pursuit of this goal.

For myself, having now left the Army, I am looking to train as a Primary School Teacher in the hope that in some small way I can inspire and encourage children to read.

Sean Beech books reviewed


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