Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes portrait image to appear alongside the Ted Hughes biography.

Ted Hughes was born in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire on 17th August 1930

His first book, The Hawk in the Rain, was published by Faber in 1957, and was followed by many volumes of poetry and prose for both children and adults.

Hughes was married to American poet Sylvia Plath from 1956 until 1963 when Plath committed suicide.

He was the Poet Laureate from 1984 and was appointed to the Order of Merit in 1998, the year in which he died.

Ted Hughes books reviewed


  • How The Whale Became
  • Meet My Folks!
  • The Earth-Owl and Other Moon People
  • Nessie, The Mannerless Monster
  • The Coming of the Kings
  • Moon-Whales
  • Season Songs
  • Under the North Star
  • What is the Truth?
  • Ffangs the Vampire Bat and the Kiss of Truth
  • Tales of the Early World
  • The Iron Woman
  • The Dreamfighter and other Creation Tales
  • Collected Animal Poems Vols. 1-4
  • Shaggy and Spotty
  • The Mermaids Purse
  • The Cat and the Cuckoo
  • Collected Plays for Children

Critical acclaim

"Reckoned one of the greatest of modern fairy tales." Observer

"Starts superbly with a clanking iron giant toppling from a cliff and lying smashed on the rocks below. Then his various parts get up and search for each other. Hughes has never written more compellingly." The Times