Tristan Parrish

Tristan Parrish was born Michael Woodhead, 7 April 1947, in the township of Rawtenstall, Lancashire, England.

After his family moved to Canada in 1953, his father joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, and they were subsequently posted to air force bases in Nova Scotia, France, and Quebec. In 1966, they moved to Calgary, and he has been there ever since, although through the years, he managed to visit Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Tristan has been writing in one genre or another since he was eight years old. He's written articles and essays, book reviews, role-playing adventures, instruction material, lyrics, musicals, music reviews, newsletters, novels, poetry, screenplays, short stories, stage plays, and television scripts. He's also been involved with the Alexandra Writers Centre , the Canadian Authors Association, Calgary Branch, the Calgary Writer's Group, and the Calgary Screenwriters Club. Recently he's completed a new translation of Oscar Wilde's French play Salome.

Over the years, Tristan has also developed his other talents as a singer and composer, photographer, artist, actor, producer, director, instructor, and publisher. As interesting and challenging as these other abilities are, his first loves have always been writing and composing.

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