Virginia Chandler

"I remember the delight that I experienced when I was finally able to join the other family members in the quiet afternoons, lost in the solace of words and imagination." - Virginia Chandler

Virginia Chandler grew up in a family in which reading and writing were much loved activities. Very early on, she found herself immersed in the works of the masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Burroughs, and JRR Tolkien. As the years passed, she developed a fondness for Anglo Saxon literature; especially, the Medieval text, Beowulf. This interest followed her into her academic career during which she had the opportunity to study medieval history and literature at Keble and Jesus College, Oxford. Since that time, she has continued her work as an Arthurian academic.

Virginia was first published in West Georgia College's Fine Arts periodical. Later, she began writing for various publications; such as, Golf Digest Magazine, Ibn Qirtaba, and Lost Realms. In 1996, she published her first eBook entitled Solid Contact with Cloverleaf Publishing. And in 2011, she released the jointly-written fantasy adventure novel, ­The Last Dragon of the North.

Virginia currently resides in Georgia and is working on the finishing touches for her next novel, an Arthurian-based epic entitled, The Green Knight's Apprentice, due out in October of 2012. And, she has begun work on the prequel to The Last Dragon of the North, tentatively called The Northern Band.

Virginia Chandler books reviewed


  • The Last Dragon of the North (2011)
    Owain Armstrong has been hired to hunt down a red dragon that is killing livestock across Wiltshire . The only evidence is a bloody patch on the ground and the head of the dead animal. Owain begins to track this nocturnal predator when news of another dragon comes - a much bigger dragon. During his journey, Owain meets up with the famous dragonslayers of the Northern Band: Katja is a beautiful blonde with a deadly crossbow; Erik, a massive man that is short in temper but eager to fight; Lars, a man who is equally as cunning as he is strong and Edlund, their leader. When meeting Owain, the band of weary slayers long had been on a quest to kill the last dragon of the north. But then word comes to them from the Green Dragon Inn about a monster - another dragon - that lives inside the neighboring mountains. The quest begins again...