Vonda N McIntyre

Vonda N. McIntyre is an American science-fiction and fantasy author. Her work has won numerous awards with the first coming in 1973 with the Nebula Award for the novelette Of Mist, and Grass and Sand. The Exile Waiting, McIntyre's first full-length novel was published in 1975, after which came a number of Star Trek novels and a single Star Wars novel.

Vonda N McIntyre books reviewed


  • The Exile Waiting (1975)
  • Dreamsnake (1978)
  • Superluminal (1983)
  • The Bride (1985)
  • Barbary (1986)
  • The Moon and the Sun (1997)
    In 17th-century France, Louis XIV rules with flamboyant ambition, yet the Sun King's appetite for glory knows no bounds. In a bold stroke, he sends his natural philosopher on an expedition to seek the source of immortality, a rare, perhaps mythical, sea monster. When Father Yves de la Croix returns with the shrieking creature with the gargoyle face, Marie-Josèphe de la Croix looks forward to assisting her brother in his scientific experiment. But struck by the creature's gaze and exquisite singing, Marie-Josèphe finds herself contemplating actions that would defy every institution in her life: king, country, church, and even family. Somehow, she must find the courage to follow her heart and her convictions, even at the cost of changing her life forever. 
  • Starfarers (Starfarers, 1989)
  • Transition (Starfarers, 1991)
  • Metaphase (Starfarers, 1992)
  • Nautilus (Starfarers, 1994)
  • The Entropy Effect (Star Trek, 1981)
  • Enterprise: The First Adventure (Star Trek, 1986)
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (Star Trek, 1982)
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Star Trek, 1984)
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Star Trek, 1986)
  • Duty, Honor, Redemption (Star Trek, 2004)
  • The Crystal Star (Star Wars, 1994)