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AA Milne

A.A. Milne was borne in London in 1882. He began his writing career with humorous pieces for Punch magazine. It was in this publication, in 1923, that Winnie-the-Pooh made his first appearance in the poem Teddy Bear. Milne also wrote plays and by the time When We Were Very Young, his first book of poems for children, was published in 1924; he had already made his name as a dramatist and novelist.

AB Shires

AB Shires was born in Bradford and spent a large portion of his childhood in hospital, where he spent his time reading children’s fiction. The adventures of his fictional characters offered an escape from the pains of treatment, sometimes within the pages of books and sometimes dreaming about alternate realities. Overcoming his disabilities, Shires has worked for both public and private enterprises.

Adam Christopher

Christopher's debut novel, a science fiction/superhero noir called Empire State, was released by Angry Robot in January 2012. His second novel, Seven Wonders, a spandex-clad superhero adventure, followed the same year. His short fiction has appeared in Pantechnicon, Hub, and Dark Fiction Magazine, and has been nominated for the British Science Fiction Association, British Fantasy Society, and Parsec awards. In 2010, as an editor, he won a Sir Julius Vogel award, New Zealand’s highest science fiction honour.

Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill has been a devotee of the supernatural in fiction since his father read him M R James at bedtime. As well as The Ritual and Apartment 16, Adam is the author of the occult thriller Banquet of the Damned.

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Adrian Tchaikovsky was born in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, before heading off to Reading to study psychology and zoology. For reasons unclear even to himself he subsequently ended up in law and has worked as a legal executive in both Reading and Leeds, where he now lives.

Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell was born in Falkirk, Scotland, and grew up there, before moving on to study Computer Science at Edinburgh University. After graduating, he worked for DMA Design, Visual Sciences and Rockstar, developing video games: Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64, Formula One 2000 for the Playstation, and the Grand Theft Auto series on the PC and PS2. After finishing Vice City, he left to pursue a career in photography and to write.

Alan Garner

Alan Garner is best known for his children's fantasy novels and his retellings of traditional British folk tales.

Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds is a science fiction author of ten novels and around fifty short stories.

Alden Bell

Alden Bell lives in New York with his wife, an Edgar-award-winning novelist. For the past ten years he has taught high school English at an Upper East Side prep school. Since 2002, he has also taught literature and cultural studies courses as an adjunct professor at the New School. He graduated from Berkeley with a degree in English and a minor in creative writing. In 2000, he received his Master’s and Ph.D. in English at New York University, specializing in twentieth-century American and British literature.

Alex Bell

Alex Bell was born in 1986 in Hampshire. She studied Law on and off for six long years before the boredom became so overwhelming that she had to throw down the textbooks and run madly from the building. Since then she has never looked back. She has travelled widely, is a ferociously strict vegetarian and generally prefers cats to people.

Alex Irvine

Alexander Irvine is an American fantasy and science fiction writer who first gained attention with his Locus - and Crawford - Award-winning 2002 novel A Scattering of Jades.

Alex Pemberton

I was born in 1979 at the London Middlesex Hospital to a Yugoslavian mother and an English father. My first memories of growing up were of Finchley where I lived for four years before my parents moved to Hertfordshire.

Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow used to be a rock guitarist, then he became a graphic artist, then he decided to be a computer games designer. Finally, he grew up and became an author. He has written a number of successful thrillers and several screenplays, but it's YA fiction that has allowed him to really have fun with the ideas and concepts he was playing around with when designing games.

Alexander Janaway

Alexander S Janaway is a former officer with the Royal Engineers and during his time in active service took part in operational tours in Kosovo and the Middle East. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and American literature as well as a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Work. Today he works as training and project manager in the computer games industry. Redoubt is his first novel and he is currently working on his second.

Alexey Pehov

Alexey Pehov is a Russian fantasy and science fiction writer. Pehov's first novel to be translated into English, SHADOW PROWLER, the first book in a trilogy, was sold in a pre-empt to Tom Doherty at Tor Books for six figures. Shortly after it sold in the U.S., the series found success in the foreign markets, with Simon and Schuster in the UK pre-empting the trilogy with a six-figure deal at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and Piper buying the series at auction for the German market.

Alison Croggon

When I was ten years old, my big ambition was to write a fantasy novel. It was all my parents' fault. One night I couldn't sleep because they were fighting, and after they finally went to bed I crept into the empty kitchen. On the table was a single volume paperback edition of The Lord of the Rings which my father had left there, and I started reading it out of idle curiosity. I sat up all that night reading and read it all the next day, until I had finished it. Then I started reading it again.

Alison Goodman

Alison Goodman was born in Melbourne and, after a bit of wandering, recently returned to live there. She was a D.J. O’Hearn Memorial Fellow at Melbourne University, holds a Masters degree and teaches creative writing at postgraduate level. Her debut novel was the award-winning futuristic thriller Singing the Dogstar Blues and her most recent, the acclaimed Killing the Rabbit.

Allison Brennan

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Allison Brennan is the author of thirteen novels and three short stories. A former consultant in the California State Legislature, she lives in Northern California with her husband Dan and their five children.

Alyson Noel

Alyson Noël is the #1 New York Times best selling, award-winning, author of Faking 19, Art Geeks and Prom Queens, Laguna Cove, Fly Me to the Moon, Kiss and Blog, Saving Zoë, Cruel Summer and the Immortals series.

Amanda Downum

Amanda was born in Virginia, and has since then spent time in Indonesia, Micronesia, Missouri, and Arizona, with brief layovers in California and Colorado. Seventeen years ago she was sucked into the gravity well of Texas, and hasn't managed to escape. Yet.

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