Is there any point in continuing with the Runelords series?

Cover image of David Farland's Sons of the Oak.I have read the first four books of the Runelords series and was blown away by the first, The Sum of All Men. However, the books became weaker and weaker and after The Lair of Bones I decided to give up on the series altogether.

Just to make sure that I was not making a mistake and in the hope that Farland pulls something out of the bag with the latest additions to the series I went onto and had a look at some of the customer reviews for Worldbinder and Sons of the Oak …

… I think this following readers review gave me the answer I was looking for – “it seems clear that Farland’s become even more bored of this series than we have, and has stopped even pretending to try.”

It’s such a shame but I will definitely not be spending any money or time on completing the Runelords series.

Update: March 09 2013
Although I still have not bought or read another Runelords book since posting this over 5 years ago I have to admit to always thinking about the series and the temptation to submerge myself back within it is growing. Review of Sons of the Oak coming soon? Maybe, quite possibly.

If anybody has read their way through the entire Runelords series, let me know, by commenting below, what you made of it.

5 thoughts on “Is there any point in continuing with the Runelords series?”

  1. This topic seems to be irrelevant. Why not wait until the series is complete before speculating that the story has gotten boring and weak. The television series, Lost has an enormous fan base that was growing until they stopped the series, but since the second series, they’ve spiralled out of control in terms of in-depth-story. If you’ve read up to the latest Runelords books, you can see how the two main storylines have such a potential for expansion, there’s no way to guess which way Farland’s going to go. And if you haven’t read the latest books, but plan to, prepare for a huge twist in the wyrmling horde!

  2. I just finished book 8 and I am looking forward to book 9. There are a lot of story lines that have to be brought to a conclusion and I would hate to be left up in the air as to how he will ring about all that has to be done. My biggest problem with the series was the editing in book 4. Several times characters were called by the wrong name, along with the usual typos that you find in all books. I do hope he finishes out the series because he is no more boring than many other writers when there is a long series. Goodkind and Jordan both got into a boring area near the middle of their series, in my opinon, but I kept on reading and was glad I did because they did get better.

  3. I have really enjoyed the ENTIRE Runelords series and I am excited for book 8 to come out next month. True there were parts where the books dragged somewhat but you can’t bring about everything that is supposed to happen in one book, it would be lame and not worth anyones time. I say stick to reading the series and you would be amazed at the 7 book.

  4. After The Lair of Bones the books get poor; I think you can count the word “suddenly” about 3 times per page. The story is still good but a bit rushed; I wish the books stopped at 4.

  5. I think that if you really paid attention to the story in the first place you will see that the Lair of Bones was probably never meant to be the last book. I also disagree with the opinion that the second through the forth books were lacklustre, that’s just not true. Who in their right minds didn’t think it was cool as f**k when Gaborn went up against the Reaver Queen? You’d probably think it was Harry Potter or some other b******t story that never gets to the point!

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