My iPad mini’s beautiful new case

Running a fantasy book review website is very much a labour of love. It is never going to make me wealthy and early retirement is looking increasingly unlikely. So if something good comes my way I make sure that I grasp it with both hands. And so when an email arrived the other day from The Snugg, in which they offered one of their products to review and then keep, I was delighted to do so.

I was gifted an iPad mini for Christmas. It was something I always wanted but could never kid myself that it was something I really needed. You see, I have had an iPod Touch for many years and it has been the single most useful gadget I’ve ever owned. I read ebooks on it and I used to listen to audiobooks daily. I typed up my review notes on it and I stored reviewer contact details for when I need to post books out. I kept up email correspondence and I watched movies, TV programmes and listened to podcasts daily. Without it I would be have been more than a little lost. But time waits for no gadget and as apps updated I began to regularly get the dreaded “app not compatible with this iPod Touch” message in the store and so, when I opened my present on Christmas Day, I was delighted. I was current once more.

But there was a problem, there was no case. I can’t abide fingerprints on my iPad, let alone scratches. So I went onto Amazon and looked for a budget case option. I spent £11 and I got what I paid for. It did protect the iPad to a certain degree but there was no getting away from the fact that I had placed almost £300 of cutting-edge technology into a case that cheapened it just a little.

I had previously looked at Snugg cases but at the time (post-Christmas) the retail price of £39.99 was more than I was looking to pay but at the time of this review the cases are on special offer at £29.99, which I think is excellent value for money. The exact cover I plumped for was the Snugg iPad mini PU Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand in Black and it is lovely. The case itself was available in 10 different colours, ranging from Baby Blue up to Denim, but I’ve always found black the classiest and went with my safe and default option. This is what my iPad mini now looks like (minus stylus which is sold separately).Snugg iPad mini leather case in balck.


Other than just protecting the iPad the case comes with Automatic Sleep/Wake, a loop for a Snugg 2 in 1 Stylus all in a black, soft, nubuck interior. It safeguards the delicate thin edges of my iPad mini and has a Lifetime Guarantee.
The case is sculpted to fit the new lightning port, both speakers, FaceTime and rear cameras and buttons. The included hand strap has elasticated sides, helping to provide a supportive, comfortable hold position.

If you’re looking for a highly quality leather case for your iPad then I would strongly recommend you look at the range of Snugg products. I am delighted with mine, and now the case matches the quality inside. A big thanks to Snugg for the opportunity.

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