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News round-up, July 2013

Pedro Pascal, who will play the Red Viper in the Game of Thrones series.

A quick round-up of the fantasy-related news items that have been published over the last thirty days. George RR Martin defends decision to cast Pedro Pascal as the Red Viper in Game of Thrones series Writer Martin said he wasn’t at the Chilean actor’s audition, but that he thought Pascal would be ‘wonderful’ as Oberyn […]

News round-up, June 2013

New Scholastic cover for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Amazon licenses fan fiction ebooks George RR Martin hates fan fiction, Anne Rice has banned it, Ursula K Le Guin calls it "an invasion". But a host of authors have signed up to a new programme from Amazon, which encourages any fan who fancies it to write fiction inspired by their worlds, and sell it […]

Fantasy news round-up: September 10, 2012


A round up of fantasy and bookish news from around the world… Neil Gaiman to write another Doctor Who episode While accepting his Hugo Award for The Doctor’s Wife this weekend Neil Gaiman informally announced that he was writing another episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor’s Wife gave the TARDIS a chance to chat with […]

Harry Potter ebooks free to borrow from June 19

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone cover image

Amazon.com have recently announced that J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books will soon be available to borrow through the Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. To take advantage of this offer you must first be a member of the Amazon Prime programme, which UK residents can join for an annual membership fee of £49. Once a […]

Fantasy news round-up: October 3, 2011

Here is a round-up of events in the fantasy-related literary world over the past week or so. JK Rowling honoured by Edinburgh University The Harry Potter author received the University Benefactor’s Award for her financial contribution to multiple sclerosis research at the Scottish institution. Rowling donated 10 million pounds ($16 million) to establish the Anne […]

The World Book Night top 100 books to read, give and share

An image of the front cover of the Pullitzer Prize winning book, To Kill A Mockingbird

The folks over at World Book Night – www.worldbooknight.org – asked readers to nominate the 10 books they most love to read, give and share. Over 6,000 people nominated more than 8,000 titles and the top 100 are displayed below. I am pleased to say that I have read 22 of the listed titles and […]

Fantasy news round-up, June 17, 2011

The Winnie the Pooh personality test

JK Rowling launches Pottermore.com JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series has launched a new website, Pottermore.com. A Harry Potter fansite, the Leaky Cauldron, said it got a preview of the new site reporting that “it is one of the most amazing, engaging, and breath-taking additions to this fandom imaginable.” No word […]

The top-selling 100 books, 1998-2010

Image: Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Express from the cover of The Philosopher's Stone

Nielsen Bookscan, the world’s largest book tracking service, recently supplied a leading newspaper with total transaction data, collected directly from the tills and dispatch systems of all major book retailers. This data covers over 90% of all retail book purchases in the UK. This data has enabled the creation of a listing of the 100 […]

Harry Potter is a good Christian claims Yale theologian

Image: Harry Potter

Despite being a wizard and living a world of magic, Danielle Tumminio, a former Yale University theologian says Harry Potter is a good Christian. "I really, firmly believe that we need to read the books with an eye beyond witchcraft. I don’t have the sense from the books that the witchcraft is designed to make […]

The 25 best children’s books, according to The Telegraph

Treasure Island The story grew out of a map that led to imaginary treasure, devised during a holiday in Scotland by Stevenson and his nephew. The tale is told by an adventurous boy, Jim Hawkins, who gets hold of a treasure map and sets off with an adult crew in search of the buried treasure. […]

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