The Charlaine Harris Blog Tour: A quick Q&A

MidnightCrossroad_BlogTour_animation[3] We are, here at Fantasy Book Review, honoured to welcome award-winning author Charlaine Harris to our website during her whistle-stop blog tour promoting her brand new book, Midnight Crossroad (you can read our review here). The creator of the massively popular Sookie Stackhouse series kindly answered a few questions on Midnight, the setting for her new novel.

Where did the idea of Midnight, Texas come from? You mention it came gradually; did you always want it to be a small, desolate place?

Yes, I did. First I thought of the pawnshop, and then the crossroad; crossroads are traditionally mystical in several ways. Then I decided it had to be a more barren landscape, like west Texas, because that was just the way I saw it.

As you have mentioned previously, you have no plans to write another Harper Connelly novel but can we expect her to show up as a guest character in Midnight in a future novel? (This would go for any main character from one of your other series)

Harper may show up, but she’s such a strong character that I thought it better (after writing a scene for her) that she not appear in the first book. And so far, she isn’t in the second. I just don’t need her, yet. I don’t think any of the main characters will be included in the Midnight cast, but of course I may get a great idea!

What part of the creative process (when writing a novel or envisioning a series) do you enjoy the most?

The world-building is fun. It’s like playing with dolls and Legos, too, building imaginary houses and putting imaginary people in them. Interview by Michelle Herbert We would just like to wish Charlaine all the best with her new book. Why don’t you join her once again on her tour at the websites shown in the animated image above.

FREE! interview George RR Martin

FREE! Magazine (Finnish culture… in English) recently interviewed the man who dances with dragons, George RR Martin. It was very interesting; a pleasantly different questions and answers session covering A Song of Ice and Fire, Martin’s time in Hollywood and his interest in Scandinavian culture. Plus much more…

Below are two questions taken from the interview; something that fans A Song of Ice and Fire fans will find of interest:

For me, and I suppose that for most of the readers, it was really shocking when Eddard Stark got killed in the first book of the Ice & Fire saga. For example nobody would ever expect Frodo getting killed at the beginning of Lord of the Rings. Did you want to break concepts and mark a new line with that conception, did you know from the beginning that it would happen?

Oh yeah. Well, you kill an important character right on and you kind of establish that you are not playing for kids, you know, that it is not going to be that kind of fantasy where the hero goes through all kind of dangers and never gets scratches.

From the characters of The Song of Ice & Fire, is there any that you would feel especially identified with?

Tyrion Lannister. He has always been one of my favorite characters. They all have parts of me but Tyrion has changed together with me more than any other of the characters.

To read this interview in full, visit

In 1996, George RR Martin began work on “A Song of Ice and Fire”, a series of books inspired by the War of the Roses (a series of civil wars fought between the House of York and the House of Lancaster for the English throne in the 15th century). The fourth book; “A Feast of Crows” became The New York Times No.1 bestseller.

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    Fantasy writer Joe Abercrombie discusses the inspiration behind his latest novel, Best Served Cold, with Blackwells’ Marcus Gipps.

    In 2002 Joe Abercrombie began the writing of a fantasy trilogy based around the adventures of Logan Ninefingers. The First Law trilogy (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings) has since been published in eight countries, seven languages and with seven different titles. Best Served Cold, a standalone book set in the same world, will be released on June 18, 2009. Joe Abercrombie kindly spoke to in February 2009.

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