Best science fiction and fantasy anthologies

Anthologies are a collection of novellas or short stories, each usually written by a different author. They are a perfect way to experience new genres and discover new authors. The list below also features collections of short stories written by the same author and published in a single volume.

Recommended Reading

The Time Traveler’s Almanac is the largest, most definitive collection of time travel stories ever assembled. Gathered into one volume by intrepid chrononauts and world-renowned anthologists Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, here is over a century's worth of literary travels into past and the future. The anthology covers millions of years of Ea...

Harrowing the Dragon by Patricia McKillip
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Spanning a quarter of a century, an anthology of previously uncollected short fiction by the World Fantasy Award-winning author explores a world of magic in such works as "The Harrowing of the Dragon of Hoarsbreath," "A Matter of Music," "The Fellowship of the Dragon," "The Lion and the Lark," "Toad," "Ash, Wood, Fire," "The Stranger," and more.

"Long-time fans of McKillip will be delighted to find these previously hard-to-obtain stories. Harrowing the Dragon is a collection done right: all the author’s current short fiction in one place." Marysia Kosowski, Fantasy Book Review

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse by John Joseph Adams
Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse cover image logo logo

Famine, death, war, pestilence. These are said to be the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse-Armageddon. The End of the World. Whether by nuclear warfare, a biological disaster or an ecological/geological disaster it is in the wake of this great cataclysm that the survivors have to adapt and survive.

"There is not a poor story in this anthology and they are all so different in the way they are written and the themes they cover that everyone will find something to like. Of the five stories I mentioned above it is only George R. R. Martin that I had previously read so I will shortly be going on to read novel-length publications by Dale Bailey, Catherine Wells, Nancy Kress and Neal Barrett. And that is exactly what I hoped to get from this collection. So if you're a fan of the post apocalyptic/dystopia genre then you must add this anthology to your collection as it is simply brilliant and if it still available for £2.99 then it is also an absolute bargain. I loved reading Wastelands and hope that many others do too. Very highly recommended." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review

The Treasury of the Fantastic by David Sandner and Jacob Weisman
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The fantastic, the supernatural, the poetic, and the macabre entwine in this incomparable culmination of storytelling. Imaginative stories of wit and intelligence weave through vivid landscapes that are alternately wondrous and terrifying. Bringing together major literary figures from the 19th and 20th centuries - from Alfred Lord Tennyson and Edith Wharton to Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde - these masters of English and American literature created unforgettable tales where goblins and imps comingle with humans from all walks of life.

"The Treasury of the Fantastic is an amazing collection of 44 poems, short stories and novellas, all fantasy related, all published before 1923. The anthology editors, David Sandner and Jacob Weisman, should be congratulated for managing to collect the rights to so many amazing stories. At the start of the book they openly provide the criteria they used for putting together this anthology. Unfortunately their criteria mean we miss out on a few great authors who were producing their best work right around the cut-off data, authors like Lovecraft and Howard, but that barely takes away from the excellent 44 stories that made the cut and are celebrated in this anthology." Ryan Lawler, Fantasy Book Review

love songs for the shy and cynical by Robert Shearman
love songs for the shy and cynical cover image logo logo

The first love song in the world, as composed by a pig in the Garden of Eden... The Devil, alarmed when his hobby of writing romantic fiction begins to upstage his day job... A man finding love with someone who has an allergy to his very own happiness; another losing love altogether when his wife gives him back his heart in a Tupperware box...

"This collection of eighteen - seventeen if you can't find the hidden one - short love stories is an absolute delight. We enjoyed it so much that we made it the Book of the Month for December 2009." Fantasy Book Review

Just When Stories by Edited by Tamara Gray
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100 years ago, Rudyard Kipling wrote the internationally acclaimed Just So Stories. When Kipling wrote his story of the rhinoceros with the itchy skin, rhino numbers stood at around 65,000. Today, fewer than 3,000 black rhinos survive. The same tragic story goes for too many other animals. Now a glittering array of international authors have gathered together to contribute exclusive and original new stories inspired by Kipling's original volume which focus on the animals which we need to protect today. The title Just When Stories asks the questions: when will the irrational and cruel destruction of wildlife stop? And when will we take action to make it stop? Estimated at between $6 and $20 billion a year by Interpol, the illegal wildlife trade has drastically reduced numerous wildlife populations and currently has some teetering on the brink of extinction. All profits from the sales of the book and associated media formats will be donated in full to WildAid and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Full list of authors: William Boyd, Raffaella Barker, Anthony Doerr, Nirmal Ghosh, Romesh Gunesekera, Witi Ihimaera, Radhika Jha, Hanif Kureishi, Antonia Michaelis, Michael Morpurgo, Jin Pyn Lee, Lauren St John, Kate Thompson, Nury Vittachi, Polly Samson, Shaun Tan, Louisa Young and Angela Young.

"Their are many good reasons why you should buy this book, not least that is an excellent read but also because all the proceeds will go to such a good and worthy cause. If you are wondering what to get your son/daughter, niece/nephew,  grandson/granddaughter for Christmas this year then this would make a perfect gift. Highly recommended." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review

Imagined Slights by James Lovegrove
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A combination of previously unseen stories, favourites from Interzone and contributions to numerous anthologies, IMAGINED SLIGHTS showcases one of the most versatile and elegant writers on the genre scene today. Whether taking you through a Britain turned into a theme park, imagining a parallel London existing at the margins or exploring the mysteries of our own pasts, James Lovegrove is incapable of writing a dull sentence.

"Imagined Slights are stories that act like pieces of possible worlds, some like ours, while others show what could be and what are. They are well-written and entertaining. Not since Neil Gaiman has there been a writer who can work his ideas into so many different stories and encourage others to read them."

Zombies vs. Unicorns by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier
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I’m sure you’re familiar with this typical family dinner scenario: everyone is seated around the table and Grampa- like Grampa always does- turns a perfectly pleasant conversation into a tirade about how under-appreciated unicorns are in modern society because of these gosh-darn kids and their obsession with brain-eating schmucks. Then your mother, a staunch zombie supporter since Night of the Living Dead, slams the meatloaf down on the table and storms out of the room, while everyone else wearily returns to their peas and carrots. Oh wait, your family never does that? And you’ve never heard of the Zombies vs. Unicorns debate? Well, here’s your chance…

"Despite the light-hearted tone of the debate, Zombie vs. Unicorns is a great anthology that contains both humorous and powerful stories. While you may love all the stories, remember: this is war. Which side are you on?" Alison Mirabella, Fantasy Book Review

Yellowcake by Margo Lanagan
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Yellowcake brings together ten short stories from the extraordinarily talented Margo Lanagan--each of them fiercely original and quietly heartbreaking. The stories range from fantasy and fairy tale to horror and stark reality, and yet what pervades is the sense of humanity.  The people of Lanagan's worlds face trials, temptations, and degradations. They swoon and suffer and even kill for love. In a dangerous world, they seek the solace and strength that comes from family and belonging. These are stories to be savored slowly and pondered deeply because they cut to the very heart of who we are.

"I would highly recommend Yellowcake for confident readers from their teens upwards. They should enjoy stories that take the reader to far-from-ordinary places to experience strange events. Some of the events might be darkly humorous, like Into the Clouds, others such as An Honest Day’s Work maybe more challenging – but never dull. Definitely not suitable for those wanting an easy read full of stereotypes." KM Lockwood, Fantasy Book Review

Weird Shadows over Innsmouth by Stephen Jones
Weird Shadows over Innsmouth cover image logo logo

Respected horror anthologist Stephen Jones edits this collection of twelve stories by some of the worlds most prominent Lovecraftian authors, including H.P Lovecraft himself, Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, Michael Marshall Smith, John Glasby, Paul McAuley, Steve Rasnic Tem, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Brian Lumley, Basil Copper, Hugh B. Cave, and Richard Lupoff.

"I found that all eleven stories were of a high quality and filled in gaps of the mythos or expanded them in ways that even Lovecraft may not have imagined, with stories being set in London, the Californian desert and - slightly more obvious - the coast of Cornwall. Innsmouth itself is home to The Deep Ones, beings who are neither man or fish, worshippers of the god Dagon and most of these stories have some affinity with the sea, which makes for some very interesting stories when some of these authors veer off from this angle." Michelle Herbert, Fantasy Book Review

Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters by Tim Marquitz
Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters cover image logo logo

Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters is a collection of 23 stories focused around the theme of strange creatures in the vein of Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Cloverfield, and more. The anthology opens with a foreword by Jeremy Robinson, author of Project Nemesis, the highest selling Kaiju novel in the United States since the old Godzilla books—and perhaps even more than those. Then, from New York Times bestsellers to indie darlings Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters features authors that are perfectly suited for writing larger than life stories, including: Peter Clines, Larry Correia, James Lovegrove, Gini Koch (as J.C. Koch), James Maxey, Jonathan Wood, C.L. Werner, Joshua Reynolds, David Annandale, Jaym Gates, Peter Rawlik, Shane Berryhill, Natania Barron, Paul Genesse & Patrick Tracy, Nathan Black, Mike MacLean, Timothy W. Long, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Kane Gilmour, Peter Stenson, Erin Hoffman, Sean Sherman, Howard Andrew Jones (The Chronicles of Sword and Sand tie-in), Edward M. Erdelac (Dead West tie-in), James Swallow (Colossal Kaiju Combat tie-in).

"25 stories full of kaiju-driven mayhem with cities destroyed all over the world. Not every story worked for me, and the order of the stories was not always balanced, but the good and awesome stuff completely outshines anything bad I've said about this anthology. Sometimes humanity wins, sometimes humanity loses, but in the end this anthology, its cast of authors, and its editorial staff are the real winners. Highly recommended." Ryan Lawler, Fantasy Book Review

Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth by Stephen Jones
Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth cover image logo logo

Respected horror anthologist Stephen Jones edits this collection of 17 stories inspired by the 20th century’s master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, in which a young man goes to an isolated, desolate fishing village in Massachusetts, and finds that the entire village has interbred with strange creatures that live beneath the sea, and worship ancient gods.

"Editor Stephen Jones has chosen some of the best writers out there to compliment the third volume in the series and I am so glad that Titan published them again as they are a treasure to those who want to read more Lovecraftian horror."

The Crimson Pact: Volume 3 by Paul Genesse
The Crimson Pact: Volume 3 cover image logo logo

The Crimson Pact Volume 3 features fifteen action-packed and frightening short stories, including, "That Which We Fear" by New York Times' bestselling author Larry Correia, and Steven Diamond, which features a marine who knows the exact time of his death and a federal agent who has the strange habit of coming come back from the dead. "The Ronin's Mark" by Donald Darling is a story from an arch demon's point of view and provides a fascinating study of what happens when a demon becomes too close to the world he is trying to destroy.

"I felt quite privileged in being asked to review this third anthology, having reviewed the previous two. Again, this is a volume for all those fans of demonology, but the mixture of genres, styles and authors means something should appeal to everyone." Pippa Jay, Fantasy Book Review

Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology by Christian Dunn
Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology cover image logo logo

Gotrek and Felix - unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask. This anthology contains a selection of stories including a previously unpublished tale by John Brunner.

"A great collection of short stories, the selection is well balanced and the variety of perspectives and content really works." Joe Warren, Fantasy Book Review

Black Wings of Cthulhu 4 by ST Joshi
Black Wings of Cthulhu 4 cover image logo logo

Through his collaborations with today's most talented and acclaimed practitioners of Lovecraftian fiction, editor S. T. Joshi has made the Black Wings of Cthulhu series essential for every library of horror and the macabre. Volume four offers up seventeen new masterpieces, each exploring the roots of fear employed so famously by the master himself, H. P. Lovecraft.

"For those who are well acquainted with the Cthulhu mythos, and of Lovecraft's monsters, Nyarlathotep features in quite a lot of them, and while others are only based around the thought of the old ones, they are still strange, eerie and need the light on to be read."

Dangerous Women by George RR Martin
Dangerous Women cover image logo logo

George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois have put together a towering anthology of specially-commissioned stories from the most stellar names in the genre, set in a number of readers' favourite fantasy worlds. George R.R. Martin is the bestselling author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the inspiration for HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. The collection will also feature a new and unpublished 100pp novella by George R.R. Martin set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire – now the award-winning HBO show, Game of Thrones. The novella, entitled 'The Princess and the Queen', will reveal the origins of the Targaryen Civil War, otherwise known as 'The Dance of the Dragons', a war that split a then-fledgling Westeros in two, pitting Targaryen against Targaryen and dragon against dragon. The Dangerous Women anthology also contains contributions from the following worldwide bestselling authors: “Some Desperado” by Joe Abercrombie – A Red Country story; “Nora’s Song” by Cecelia Holland; “Bombshells” by Jim Butcher – A Harry Dresden story; “Wrestling Jesus” by Joe R. Lansdale; “Neighbours” by Megan Lindholm (who also writes as Robin Hobb); “Shadows For Silence in the Forests of Hell” by Brandon Sanderson; “A Queen in Exile” by Sharon Kay Penman; “The Girl in the Mirror” by Lev Grossman – A Magicians story; “Virgins” by Diana Gabaldon – An Outlander story.

"‘Dangerous Women’ is definitely worth your money and time, regardless of whether you are an existing ‘Game of Thrones’ fan or not." Joshua S Hill, Fantasy Book Review

The Crimson Pact: Volume 2 by Paul Genesse
The Crimson Pact: Volume 2 cover image logo logo

Suzzanne Myers's powerful flash fiction piece, "Withered Tree" continues with the exceptional short story, "Seven Dogs." Chanté McCoy's "Inside Monastic Walls" is followed by the literally gut-wrenching follow-up short story, "Body and Soul." Urban fantasy mayhem is off the charts with rising star Patrick Tomlinson's "Monsters in the Closet" and Robert D. Hamm's "Karma." Steampunk your thing? EA Younker's steampunk apocalypse tale "Stand," Sarah Hans' sequel about professor Campion, "A More Ideal Vessel," and Elaine Blose's steampunk Western "Wayward Brother" will whet your appetite. The dark fantasy and adventure continues as volume two mixes sequels from Gloria Weber, Sarah Kanning, Justin Swapp, and Isaac Bell with new stories from Lester Smith, Kathryn McGee, Adam Israel, Valerie Dircks, T.S. Rhodes, Elizabeth Shack, Daniel Alonso, and Nayad Monroe. New York Times Bestselling author and Campbell award nominee Larry Correia presents an exclusive short story, "Son of Fire, Son of Thunder" co-authored by Steven Diamond, about an FBI paranormal investigator and a marine who knows the moment of his own death. Travel to the alternate Earth of the "Red Bandanna Boys" by Patrick M. Tracy and discover how ruthless you must be to survive the slums of St. Nikolayev. Follow "The Trail of Blood" by Alex Haig, a horrifying Western about a bounty hunter who wants vengeance, not money. Hunt for Nazis in a disturbing 1950's America in "Hunters Incorporated" by Kelly Swails. Patrol the steaming jungles of Vietnam with a squad of soldiers in Lon Prater's "Last Rites in the Big Green Empty," then enter the mind of a godlike demon in Donald J. Bingle's "Dark Garden," or the creepy shadow world created by Richard Lee Byers in "Light and Dark." Watch your back, the demons are coming.

"If you like demons and dark fantasy, if you love the constant struggle of good against evil (or at least human vs. something clawed and taloned), an endless eternal war between humanity and hellborn, then this is definitely the anthology for you." Pippa Jay, Fantasy Book Review

The Crimson Pact: Volume 1 by Paul Genesse
The Crimson Pact: Volume 1 cover image logo logo

The moment of the demons' defeat became their greatest victory. In the carnage after the last great battle against the demons, a doomed general discovers their hidden victory. Instead of being annihilated, unspeakable evil escaped into many unsuspecting worlds. To fight them, the men and women of the Crimson Pact must sacrifice everything - including their own lives. Explore 26 stories based on the world created in "The Failed Crusade," by Patrick M. Tracy and included in The Crimson Pact Volume 1, about the valiant men and women who refuse to let the demons win, and those unfortunate souls caught in the epic struggle raging across the multiverse. With stories by Patrick M. Tracy, Richard Lee Byers, Jess Hartley, Donald J. Bingle, Chris Pierson, Barbara J. Webb, Kelly Swails, Sarah Hans, Patrick S. Tomlinson, Sarah Kanning, Isaac Bell, Elaine Blose, Kathy Watness, Daniel Myers, Justin Swapp, Rebecca L. Brown, Gloria Weber, Garrett Piglia, T.S. Rhodes, Lester Smith, Chanté McCoy, Suzzane Myers, EA Younker, Craig Nybo, and New York Times bestselling author Larry Correia. Join the pact. Fight the demons now.

"One of the things I love about anthologies is the chance to sample a mixture of authors and discover some new favourites. One of the things I hate is that if you love the short story, you know it’s going to end soon. That fact, at least, is offset by the knowledge that this is only volume one, so the promise of future volumes is there. The other downside is trying to effectively review a number of books with several main characters, worlds, and conflicts, each deserving of a mention. I’d love to detail each story but that would take a book in its own right, so I’ll simply list my favourites and leave you to choose your own." Pippa Jay, Fantasy Book Review

Epic: Legends of Fantasy by John Joseph Adams
Epic: Legends of Fantasy cover image logo logo

From the creation myths and quest sagas of ancient times to the megapopular fantasy novels of today, this quintessential anthology of epic fantasy is adventurous storytelling at its best. With rich and vibrant world building, readers are transported to antiquated realms to witness noble sacrifices and astonishing wonders. Gathering a comprehensive survey of beloved stories from the genre, this compilation includes stories by such luminaries as George R. R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, Ursula K. Le Guin, Robin Hobb, and Tad Williams. Inspiring and larger-than-life, these tales offer timeless values of courage and friendship in the face of ultimate evil and express mankind's greatest hopes and fears.

"Epic: Legends of Fantasy is an anthology that would fit nicely upon the shelf of any fantasy reader. John Joseph Adams should definitely be congratulated for managing to get the rights to all of these fantastic stories. If you haven't read some or any of these authors before, then this anthology (with the exception of Le Guin, Williams and Elliott) will definitely help you to decide whether or not you should pick up other works by these authors." Ryan Lawler, Fantasy Book Review

Broken Worlds: Dystopian Stories by Anthology
Broken Worlds: Dystopian Stories cover image logo logo

In a future of bleakness and roboticism, a totalitarian government enforces upon the people a lifestyle that lulls them into a state of obedience. Your career and social status are predestined and you cannot alter it - this is a reality that walks a fine line between evoking sensations of fear and inducing a sense of futility. A dystopian reality can sometimes turn out to be as powerful and strong as it can be fragile, collapsing in on itself from one second to the next. As a race, we are fascinated with what comes next, what's over the hill and, inevitably, what happens if we're left all alone. How can things go on? What lessons can we learn?

"A selection box well worth dipping your fingers into. Careful – some of those flavours bite!"

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 8 by Jonathan Strahan
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 8 cover image logo logo

From the inner realms of humanity to the far reaches of space, these are the science fiction and fantasy tales that are shaping the genre and the way we think about the future. Multi-award winning editor Jonathan Strahan continues to shine a light on the very best writing, featuring both established authors and exciting new talents. Within you will find twenty-eight incredible tales, showing the ever growing depth and diversity that science fiction and fantasy continues to enjoy. These are the brightest stars in our firmament, lighting the way to a future filled with astonishing stories about the way we are, and the way we could be.

"I would recommend this lovingly-constructed anthology to readers who would either like to read more from their favourite authors or else hope to discover new and exciting ones to read. The standard is high throughout and regardless of your own personal preferences you will much to enjoy within a collection of stories that are designed to make us think about the way we are, and the way we could be." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review

Art of War: Anthology for Charity by Petros Triantafyllou
Art of War: Anthology for Charity cover image logo logo

"War, my friend, is a thing of beauty." 

How do you get forty fantasy authors to contribute short stories for a war-themed anthology without paying them? It sounds as if there should be a good punchline to that, but all Petros Triantafyllou did was twist the moral thumbscrews and tell them all the profits would go to Doctors Without Borders, a charity that works tirelessly across the world to alleviate the effects of conflict, sickness and poverty. 

So, with clear consciences, several busloads of excellent and acclaimed fantasy authors have applied themselves to the task of penning a veritable mountain of words on the subject of The Art of War, expect bloodshed, gore, pathos, insight, passion, and laughs. Maybe even a wombat. Who knows. Anyway, as the original blurb said: "It's good. Buy it." 
-Mark Lawrence

Featuring: Mark Lawrence, Ed Greenwood, Brian Staveley, Miles Cameron, John Gwynne, Sebastien De Castell, Mitchell Hogan, Stan Nicholls, Andrew Rowe, C.T. Phipps, Rob J. Hayes, Nicholas Eames, Mazarkis Williams, Ben Galley, Michael R. Fletcher, Graham Austin-King, Ed McDonald, Anna Stephens, Anna Smith Spark, RJ Barker, Michael R. Miller, Benedict Patrick, Sue Tingey, Dyrk Ashton, Steven Kelliher, Timandra Whitecastle, Laura M Hughes, J.P. Ashman, M.L. Spencer, Steven Poore, Brandon Draga, D. Thourson Palmer, D.M. Murray, Anne Nicholls, R.B. Watkinson, Charles F Bond, Ulff Lehmann, Thomas R. Gaskin, Zachary Barnes & Nathan Boyce. With a Foreword by Brian D. Anderson. Print version includes 40 black & white interior art pieces.

"Out of 40 stories with the setting being war it's guaranteed some of them are going to be similar. Perhaps if this was limited to 20 stories it could have been even more enjoyable, however, if I personally wasn't engaged by, or didn't enjoy a certain tale that isn't to say it will not be someone else's favourite. Arguably it could have been streamlined yet, I'd have given this book 4 or 5 stars after only reading 20 of the stories, therefore, it would be unfair to penalise this anthology for presenting me with more stories for the same value. This could be the finest fantasy anthology around and I believe it will be a long time before I see one that is as complete, well-produced and brimming with as many quality tales. Petros deserves a lot of credit for what he has composed with Art of War: Anthology for Charity."

Elf Love by Josie Brown Rose Mambert and Bill Racicot
Elf Love cover image logo logo

Tales of lust, betrayal, murder and... elves. 20 original stories enchant, intrigue, and delight as they explore the theme of "Elf Love" in a variety of genres: fantasy, suspense, romance, noir, humor, and much more.

"Particular highlights include Xenium by Michael Takeda, Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Josie Brown, The Mischief Makers by Joe Mogel and both David Vernaglia’s contributions, which all tackle the theme of elf ‘love’ from varying angles and viewpoints. It’s a fabulous collection that will touch any fantasy lover, and, although it’s unlikely any reader will enjoy every one of the twenty offerings (one or two stories feel slightly misplaced or repetitive), if you want to see elves in a whole new light, then this anthology is an absolute must have." Alice Wybrew, Fantasy Book Review

The Very Best of Tad Williams by Tad Williams
The Very Best of Tad Williams cover image logo logo

Within these pages you will find such delightful and curious things as a strange storytelling vampire, two woefully-overmatched angels, a dragon in cahoots with a knight and a witch, an ineptly duplicitous fish, the loyal robot butler of Werner Von Secondstage Booster, and the Greatest Wizard of All (disputed). From his epic fantasy series, including Memory Sorrow and Thorn--which George R. R. Martin cited as an inspiration for Game of Thrones--to the classic novel Tailchaser's Song, Tad Williams has mastered every genre he has set his pen to. Here are the stories that showcase the exhilarating breadth of Williams' imagination, hearkening back to such classic fantasists as J. R. R. Tolkien, Ray Bradbury, Peter S. Beagle, and beyond. Whether you are a devoted reader of his longer works, already a devotee of his short fiction, or even new to his writing entirely, The Very Best of Tad Williams is the perfect place to discover one of the most talented and versatile authors writing at any length today.

"There are a lot of stories contained in this selection and as shown above very different in terms of subject as well as style. Hopefully if you choose to read this collection you will be able to find your own favourite stories, if you do I hope that you want to share the collection with other people as well." Michelle Herbert, Fantasy Book Review

The Pan Book of Horror Stories by Various
The Pan Book of Horror Stories cover image logo logo

22 terrifying tales of horror by such famous authors as Peter Fleming, C. S. Forester, Bram Stoker, Angus Wilson, Noel Langley, Jack Finney and L. P. Hartley. Stories of the uncanny jostle with tales of the macabre. Stories of subtle beastliness - like Rasberry Jam; of sickening horror - like The Fly or His Beautiful Hands; and of utter chilling terror - like The Horror of the Museum!

"All in all this is a great collection of stories, for both the Pan Horror novice who wants to find out how our definitions and attitudes toward what we classify as horror have changed over the years, or for the Pan Horror enthusiast to replace their dog-eared copies of the original book and revisit the early days in the series history." Helen Greenwood, Fantasy Book Review

Swallowed By The Cracks by Thomas McMahon Browne and Smith
Swallowed By The Cracks cover image logo logo

Swallowed By The Cracks is the latest (7th) compilation of four Dark Fantasy / Horror writers by John Everson and Bill Breedlove. They are the producers of the yearly ‘Dark Arts Books’ anthologies. The latest four authors that contributed to their anthology were Lee Thomas, Gary McMahon, S. G. Browne and Michael Marshall Smith. Each of these writers submitted four short stories in the Dark Fantasy / Horror genre, resulting in a compilation of 16 stories.

"These short stories vary widely, both in the way you experience the story and in topics. The writers even manage to create a new mood and way of writing for all their stories. Since these stories only span some tenfold of pages, they always have to keep in mind the balance between getting to know the character(s) and getting to experience the ‘mystery’. Therefore the characters and topics show a huge variety." Koen Peters

Wastelands 2 by John Joseph Adams
Wastelands 2 cover image logo logo

For decades, the apocalypse and its aftermath have yielded some of the most exciting short stories of all time. From David Brin's seminal The Postman to Hugh Howey's Deep Blood Kettle and Tananarive Due's prescient Patient Zero, the end of the world continues to thrill.

"As with all of John Joseph Adams’ work I highly recommended it. The wonderful thing about humans, and more specifically readers, is that we all like different things. The stories I loved may not be the highlights for others and vice versa. 30 well written stories available - at time of the review’s publication - at just £3.83 on the Kindle makes it extremely good value for money –there is a lot of reading in there."

Shadows Over Innsmouth by Stephen Jones
Shadows Over Innsmouth cover image logo logo

Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s classic, today’s masters of horror take up their pens and turn once more to that decayed, forsaken New England fishing village with its sparkling treasure, loathsome denizens, and unspeakable evil.

"Shadows Over Innsmouth - a collection of short stories edited by the prolific anthologist Stephen Jones - starts off with HP Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth in 1920s Massachusetts before moving through the decades in 16 subsequent short stories either based in the town of Innsmouth or related to the town’s strange inhabitants and the Deep Ones that they serve." Cat Fitzpatrick, Fantasy Book Review

Alt Hist: Issue 5 by Mark Lord
Alt Hist: Issue 5 cover image logo logo

Alt Hist Issue 5 features stories covering a variety of historical periods from the 1800s to post-War USA. This issue includes five new original works of fiction including stories about Al Capone and Italian Futurism, the aftermath of the American Civil War, the real Frankenstein, the Bridge that consumes the souls of men, and the latest instalment in a series of stories about a successful Nazi invasion of Britain. Alt Hist is the magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History, published twice a year by Alt Hist Press.

"As ever Alt Hist is a solid, well-written collection of short stories that will appeal to readers who enjoy works of alternate history, historical fiction and historical fantasy. From the American Civil to the Second World War this anthology takes us for a trip through the major events that have shaped human history." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review

Alt Hist: Issue 3 by Mark Lord
Alt Hist: Issue 3 cover image logo logo

The third issue of Alt Hist includes two stories about the American Civil War, one about the great Tesla, a tale of post-war revenge set in Dublin, and a compelling story about the early years of the space race.

"Alt Hist – a magazine featuring a collection of historical fiction, historical fantasy and alternate history short stories (all under 10,000 words) – has released its third issue. I am a big fan of this magazine, liking both their objective and the stories that they publish. A review of the magazine’s second issue went live in August 2011 and I liked it very much indeed and I am very pleased to say that the third issue is even better, with each story making for compelling reading." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review

Alt Hist: Issue 2 by Mark Lord
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Alt Hist is the new magazine of historical fiction and alternate history. The second issue features eight new stories and also three book reviews. From ancient Egypt to World War I, and the death of Abraham Lincoln, there is something for every fan of historical fiction in Alt Hist Issue 2. Stories featured in Alt Hist Issue 2: ‘Long Nights in Languedoc’ by Andrew Knighton ‘The Apollo Mission’ by David X. Wiggin ‘Son of Flanders’ by William Knight ‘In Cappadocia’ by AshleyRose Sullivan ‘The Orchid Hunters’ by Priya Sharma ‘Death in Theatre’ by Jessica Wilson ‘The Scarab of Thutmose’ by Anna Sykora ‘The Watchmaker of Filigree Street’ by N. K. Pulley And reviews of: Historical Fiction Writing: a practical guide and tool-kit by Myfanwy Cook Ruso and the River of Darkness by R. S. Downie Rome Burning by Sophia McDougall.

"In music there is nothing better than finding and liking a band that is as-of-yet pretty much unheard off, only for them to go on and become a world-renowned name. I believe that this is why readers may also enjoy Alt Hist – the authors mentioned above will likely be new to 99% of readers but we may be catching them right at the beginning of their career and find that we can embark on a great journey with them." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review

Old Venus by George RR Martin
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Sixteen all-new stories by science fiction’s top talents collected by bestselling author George R. R. Martin and multiple-award-winning editor Gardner Dozois. It turns back the clock to that more innocent time, before the hard-won knowledge of science vanquished the infinite possibilities of the imagination.

"It isn’t all gold by any means, with an occasional tendency towards drippy romance, which could well just be highlighting the pulpy style of old sci fi but in one case just comes across as Flash Gordon on Venus, but all in all an excellent and enjoyable collection of what Venus was envisioned to be."

After the Fall: An anthology by Alex Davis
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Technology has changed the world around us over the last century, and promises even more great things for the future. But what does that future look like without the marvels of the machine age? After the fall of technology, what lies ahead for humanity?

"If you enjoy post-apocalyptic stories that focus of the fall of technology, which are told in many different voices and approched from many different angles, then I would recommended After the Fall to you."

Grimdark Magazine #18 by Adrian Collins
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