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Alt Hist is the new magazine of historical fiction and alternate history. The second issue features eight new stories and also three book reviews. From ancient Egypt to World War I, and the death of Abraham Lincoln, there is something for every fan of historical fiction in Alt Hist Issue 2. Stories featured in Alt Hist Issue 2: ‘Long Nights in Languedoc’ by Andrew Knighton ‘The Apollo Mission’ by David X. Wiggin ‘Son of Flanders’ by William Knight ‘In Cappadocia’ by AshleyRose Sullivan ‘The Orchid Hunters’ by Priya Sharma ‘Death in Theatre’ by Jessica Wilson ‘The Scarab of Thutmose’ by Anna Sykora ‘The Watchmaker of Filigree Street’ by N. K. Pulley And reviews of: Historical Fiction Writing: a practical guide and tool-kit by Myfanwy Cook Ruso and the River of Darkness by R. S. Downie Rome Burning by Sophia McDougall.

"In music there is nothing better than finding and liking a band that is as-of-yet pretty much unheard off, only for them to go on and become a world-renowned name. I believe that this is why readers may also enjoy Alt Hist – the authors mentioned above will likely be new to 99% of readers but we may be catching them right at the beginning of their career and find that we can embark on a great journey with them." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review logo logo

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