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For nearly three hundred years now the Moon lands have known peace. But the Ice Crown of Man been stolen and also the Ancient Howl of the Fennigan Wolves. Their theft robs both races of the power to unite their peoples! But who is responsible; the mysterious Fey; the magical Mages or the lands’ erstwhile enemy, the dreaded Dark Knights? logo logo

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from Iran


Given this as a gift from a friend when I left uni. It has spent the best part of a year on my bedside cabinet untouched in various locations around the world since. Did not like the cover and only kept it because of the sentiment. Finally decided to read it and was hooked straight away. Really liked the character driven plot and the way the author has a chapter for each which then link so well together near the end. Was looking for the second book and found this website advertising it and thought I would leave a review. My favourite species have to be the Wolves of Fennigan - a truly noble race that have lost their way. A bit like Persia really.

from Portsmouth


Exciting, imaginative, unique, inventive - just a few of the adjectives I could use but the one to best describe this is WOW.

from Tunbridge Wells


The Ice Crown - the title sort of put me off conjuring up images of a rehashed fantasy plot that had been beaten to death years ago. So the book stayed in the bookshop for over a year and every time I visited there it was. Eventually I relented and opened the cover and read the blurb. Different? You bet. Instead of giving you a small taste of the plot the author asks you questions. Questions you suddenly find that you want to know the answer to. And before I knew it I was hooked the book was bought and read. It starts slow - the pace being wound up as the scene is set. But the thing that draws you in is the fact that you know there is going to be so much more. This feels like the opening credits in a longed for epic. Now on the surface that might sound rather dull and pointless but hear me out. These are not normal credits - these are packed full of adventure, intrigue, humour and guile. In short they answer the question but ask so many more - they make you read on and want to experience the whole story. I also love the way Sean Beech has set out his story. Each chapter is about a different character and as the stories progress the charcaters begin to merge. It is almost like a mini series of stories rolling into one and to think the entire book only covers 7 days in the lives of these people makes me relish what is still to come in book 2. I would recommend this to anybody. Not the best book in the world by a long way but an author with a very talented creative mind.

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