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Long ago, when the Essence of magic gave Elemor its power, the world saw prosperity, ingenuity, and wonder. Peace can only last so long, however. The darkness always seems to find a way to surface. Vall, the once most feared assassin in all of Helforn, seeks out what many say to be the biggest mystery since the loss of magic a thousand years ago. The doors. Hundreds of them at first, now down to a few. Doors that would not open for any key or amount of force. Doors that would one day lead to somewhere known and familiar, only to be completely impassable and sealed the next. But what they didn't know, and couldn't understand, was that there was one person who had been through the doors. One person with a key. Vall. Now he seeks answers. Answers to why the world is withering away, and why magic is gone. He vows to uncover Elemor's past and discover why his father went missing all those years ago. Some secrets, however, should never be uncovered. Some secrets are kept hidden for a reason.

"This book (and hopefully the entire saga) I believe would appeal to fans of Mistborn, Lies of Locke Lamora (although it is not as complex) and to anyone who likes a kick-ass assassin roaming throughout the pages. I also think it could be enjoyed by a younger audience too however, that isn't to say that it doesn't have a fair amount of death, torturous nightmares, epic showdowns and betrayals." logo logo

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