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The people on Earth know their place. They’ve all learnt that their planet was just a barren rock until the gods arrived 500 years ago and brought with them life, technology, and prosperity for the blessed few. Under the gods, all racial differences have long merged into homogeneity; gender discrimination is unheard of; the elite prosper and live long; the rest die much sooner. There is nothing beyond the grasp of the gods except how to make peace with each other. From the beginning, the two immortal rivals have divided the world into interminably warring realms. Their subjects on both sides are brought up to despise their enemy, and routinely embark on mutual slaughter – until rumours start to circulate that it may not only be possible, but necessary, to abandon the rule of the gods. Amidst the revolutionary intrigues stands a resurrected man whose past has long been forgotten by everyone. He is the one who can uncover the secret of the gods, and how their regimes are to be displaced by a new commonwealth. Rebels seek him for help, but his second coming may soon end.

""The Hunting of the Gods" does distinguish itself within the genre in a number of ways. There is great beauty in the natural world, distinctive technology (such as the microbots which add wonder and humour to numerous scenes), and always there is the unending quest for a better world. The book is inspiring because, despite the odds, the characters do not feel beaten.  There are many joyful moments – time in the garden, games with children, delicious food and drink. These details reflect the strong thread of humanity which runs through the story. The key characters care for each other: they are not too terrified, overworked, drugged or otherwise shorn of their concern for other people. This gives them an insight into how the world could be run, which gives them a great weapon in their fight – hope." logo logo

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