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A king obsessed with conquest, armies, magic, and monsters powered by the souls of the dead – the legendary General of Valendo defended his kingdom from them all and taught his grandson, Prince Cory, everything he could. But the worst is yet to come. Cory’s life is changed forever after the general’s death when their enemy strikes at the heart of their Kingdom. Confronted by his grandfather’s world of warriors and magic, and with the lives and souls of all in his kingdom at stake, Cory must do the one thing the old general never could. End the war.

"Although this doesn't reinvent the wheel, I can easily see the amount of effort Hilder has put into this book even if he wears some of his fantasy influences on his sleeve. It has been edited better than a lot of major name fantasy books I have read recently. This is an exceptional debut outing which fantasy fans should really know about." logo logo

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