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The Company has destroyed the city, and in its ruins roam the deformed outcasts of its experiments. Children with claws, invisible foxes and the overlord of them all: the enormous, flying bear, Mord. Huddled in this chemically blighted, life-draining landscape, Rachel and Wick persist at living - he makes biotech to protect their lair, she scavenges for food and tech that will help them survive. But with the arrival of the strange, jellyfish-like creature they call Borne, the couple’s uneasy existence encounters a challenge like none before.

"The simplicity of his set up – The Company, Mord, Rachel, Wick and Borne - is one of the best things about this book, as it leaves no room for distraction. Everything on page is relevant and contributes to the questions being asked. The twists are few but significant and the pacing is occasionally uneven, but overall it’s a delicately written, charming and terrifying read that has you constantly reappraising your conclusions." logo logo

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