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The threat from Trosgarth is growing and betrayal is in the air. The Priests of Ryoch, no longer a minor faction, now include warrior priests with empathic powers. Armies are marching to war and the balance is no longer in the favour of the allies, for without the Eldric and their sorcery they cannot hope to win. Desperate to redress the balance a new power will be sought, but this will not be all that it seems. Kaplyn's nightmares are plagued by dragons and his fear of them has driven him from Thrace, seeking the truth behind an image, revealed to him by Astalus the Court Wizard. Vastra is alive and if that is true then the enemy possesses a crystal from the tree of life and can open a permanent gateway between the worlds, allowing hoards of demons to cross the divide. Kaplyn will be driven to the very brink of despair, having touched a kara-stone he has awoken the link with his Shaol and madness threatens his fragile hold on reality…

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