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The Earthsea Quartet brings together Ursula Le Guin’s four legendary Earthsea sagas for the first time in a single volume. logo logo

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from UK


Having just finished this I cannot perceive how it's been awarded 10.0/10. If you REALLY enjoy and know your way around fantasy, don't waste your valuable reading time. Give this a miss and go and read Steven Erikson instead. Re-phrase that: Go and read ANYTHING instead. Guess it's ok for kids but that's all, I'm just so glad I found it in the library instead of forking out £15 for it in paperback!!!

from US


The Earthsea books have always held a special place in my heart. I first read them decades ago and they are truly timeless. Some books from the same era have not aged well but the Earthsea saga has aged like a very fine wine. All four books explore human behaviour and never come across as judgemental, instead encouraging the reader to form their own opinions. I liked Harry Potter and am delighted my children are reading those books. But I secretly hope they will read Le Guin's quartet and love it every bit as much, ideally even more. A must read for children who relish thoughtful fantasy.

from USA


It's an epic fantasy. There's a whole LOT of world building, and requires a lot of thought. But once you get past that, the pretentious language and sentence structure, and some of the adult themes, this book actually has an enjoyable story line and meaning. But don't try to read it all too fast - it'll make your head hurt. :) This books was written masterfully.

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