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Four old university friends reunite for a hiking trip in the Scandinavian wilderness of the Arctic Circle. No longer young men, they have little left in common and tensions rise as they struggle to connect. Frustrated and tired they take a shortcut that turns their hike into a nightmare that could cost them their lives. Lost, hungry and surrounded by forest untouched for millennia, they stumble across an isolated old house. Inside, they find the macabre remains of old rites and pagan sacrifices; ancient artefacts and unidentifiable bones. A place of dark ritual and home to a bestial presence that is still present in the ancient forest, and now they’re the prey. As the four friends struggle toward salvation they discover that death doesn’t come easy among these ancient trees…

"When four old university friends set out into the Scandinavian wilderness, they aim to escape the problems of their lives and reconnect. But finding they have little left in common with one another, tensions soon rise." Floresiensis logo logo

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from Pontypridd, South Wales


This book is one of the best I have ever read! It scared me to the point that, after reading it at night, I had to watch a relaxing TV program before going to sleep!

from North Yorkshire


This book takes the very heart of the human mind, strips it to the flesh then gives it hope. That thing that is so evasive in this day and age... strip your life of it's grandeur and enjoy the ride.

from Horsham West Sussex


The Ritual...e njoyed this book so much, couldn't put it down... felt the despair... thirst and fear when the 4 men got lost... A great read.... Apartment 16... brilliant read... very spooky but between the two it would be The Ritual I enjoyed most.

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