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Creatures of legend, the dragons have returned to Krynn. Now, the darkness of war threatens to engulf the land. Then hope appears -- a blue crystal staff in the hands of a beautiful bar barian woman. The promise of this hope forces a group of long-time friends into the unlikely roles of heroes: Tanis Half-Elven, their leader, a skilled warrior who detests fighting and is tormented by love for two women; Sturm Brightblade, Knight of Solamnia, driven to restore the honor of the knighthood; Raistlin Majere, the powerful and unsettling magic-user, whose hourglass-shaped eyes conceal dark mysteries; Caramon, Raistlin's twin, a genial giant both loved and feared by his brother; Flint Fireforge, the gruff old dwarven fighter, almost a father to them all; and Tasselhoff Burrfoot, a kender, the nuisance race of Krynn, immune to fear and followed by trouble wherever he goes.

The Dragonlance Chronicles brings together the first three volumes of the highly popular Dragonlance series. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman write the three books. Denis Beauvais and Jeffrey Butler illustrate them. The Chronicles consist of 1056 pages and were first published by Penguin books in 1988.

"The Dragonlance Chronicles are fun, easy to read and contains characters that you will be able to get behind. I tend to think of David Eddings when I think of an author(s) who create a series of books that may not change the reader’s life but will provide them hours upon hours of reading pleasure." Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review logo logo

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from Italia


This book is my favorite.

from Canada


This book kept me up all night with its laugh out load humor and fast paced action scenes! This is a must read book!

from South Africa


Easily one of my favorite fantasy books so far.

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