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Listed below are the latest featured reader reviews on the site. Some are positive in praise, some are negative in criticism, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are well written and explain their reasoning. We can never have enough reader reviews as they add to the quality of the site, making it ever more useful for visitors.

Caliban\'s War by James SA Corey

10 stars

Caliban\'s War is an entertaining novel. The characters , settings, and plot are all well constructed. However, the poor grammar detracts from the book. The constant use of \"gotten\" in almost every paragraph is some what grating. Surely the authors know more than one verb! Both writers clearly have an understanding of scientific discourse yet they employ schoolboy phrases such as \"have to have\" when describing suspenseful incidents. A shame really as thorough editing would improve and add to the text.


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

10 stars

From reading many reviews about this book, it becomes evident that people are approaching this book on a very superficial level. Ted Hughes wrote a lot of poetry, and this is evident in the way he penned \"The Iron Man\": It is both powerful and beautiful in its simplicity. The way to get the most out of the book is this: Savour the prose as though it were a poem. Take your time. Read it out aloud, and hear the music in the lyrics - it\'s that type of book. It\'s the difference between taking a sip of wine and merely swallowing it, or taking a sip and letting it loll around your mouth, opening your palate to new sensations. This book is not just for kids - anybody can appreciate the craft of Ted Hughes\' writing. So don\'t rush through the book, focussing only on plot and character. There\'s magic in them there words!


Across the Universe by Beth Revis

6 stars

The premise is great, the writing is awful. This is essentially Twilight in Space. The world is fairly well built, but the language and anthropology is as bad as Twilight, the characters have no difference in voice (even though you\'re reading in either Amy\'s voice or Elder\'s voice), and author tries too hard yet ends up with mediocre execution. The only reason the book was greenlit for publication was the premise, which is explored well. Read the entire series, but... Twilight was/is also a page turner. It\'s terrible, but you\'ll get through it quickly because it\'s interesting. That\'s this series too. Overall: Check it out at the library? Yes. Buy it? No.


Mage\'s Blood by David Hair

8 stars

The Moontide Quartet is actually one of my favorite fantasy reads of all time. However... the first book didn't click with me at least of first read. I put it down when done and thought it okay. After the third book came out I decided to pick it up and start reading book 2 / 3. It really picks up after the first book and somehow the later books made the first book more enjoyable. I read through the full 4 books twice now.

Robert Musillo

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

6 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the premise for the story, however it was very apparent that this was generic hero\'s journey with a couple of interesting plot twists. The supporting cast was superficial(although entertaining) and lacked realistic motives or emotion. The setting was interesting but needs more development in the next two books.


James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

10 stars

The book James And The Giant Peach is a great book that teaches you to have hope. In the book James is an orphan that lives with his 2 cruel aunts in a ramshackle house and a desolate garden. But with a few magical seeds and a dead Peach tree, James\' life is about to change forever. Roald Dahl is the author of many great children\'s books that all teach you to have perseverance and to never give up. The book \"Matilda\", also by Roald Dahl, is about a 4 year old girl that lives with her cruel parents but escapes with her sheer knowledge. Hopefully James will find a better home, friends to play with, and a welcoming environment. This Roald Dahl book is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats till the last page.


Across the Face of the World by Russell Kirkpatrick

9 stars

To compare this book to lord of the rings is like comparing the movie Event Horizon to Star Wars. It is a completely different experience. It is true that this book is very descriptive about the surroundings and it jumps around a lot from perspective to perspective however it is not nearly as confusing as some of these people claim. The story is not perfect, however the characters are deep and each are unique with a rich back story. The first 2 chapters are a bit slow indeed however it\'s done right in the sense of captivating the reader\'s imagination and helping you understand the world in which this story takes place. What I like most about this author is he is able to write using plain and simple English instead of unnecessarily complicating an otherwise insignificant piece of information like Frank Herbert did in even the first 2 pages of Dune. This a light read and a simple story with depth. There is not much mention of magic or dragons or werewolves or rings, this a fantastic you could read to your children or if you are waiting for a delayed flight like I am right now.


Blood Of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

9 stars

Amazing read! Read it several years ago so cannot reflect on story as much now but I remember that getting the last two books of the saga was a must! Very well writen with everything you want from a good fantasy book.


The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien

10 stars

The Silmarillion is Tolkien\'s best book! It is amazing how he wrote two languages and lots of words in other languages. I can\'t stand people who call his books boring or flat, because they are just amazing!!!!! Thank you Tolkien for filling up countless hours of my life with your books!


Broken Blade by Kelly McCullough

10 stars

Loved it and my sister loved it too. I liked the style it was written in, usually I don\'t like first-person novels but with this book it didn\'t bother me at all. I also liked the fact that the author didn\'t drag out a scene or situation, not too much detail but also not too little. It was fast paced without being too fast and overwhelming. Looking to get the next books for sure!

South Africa

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