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Listed below are the latest featured reader reviews on the site. Some are positive in praise, some are negative in criticism, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are well written and explain their reasoning. We can never have enough reader reviews as they add to the quality of the site, making it ever more useful for visitors.

Phantoms by Dean Koontz

7 stars

I agree with Dark that the subplot towards the end of the book was not needed and it was highly ineffective. I also thought that some of the main characters were stupid in that they kept going for guns when it was quite obvious from the very beginning that they would be ineffective. I also didn't think the introduction of Flyte was needed, since it was never really revealed HOW he knew about the ancient enemy. What was the point of even bringing him up, then? Other than that, the book was excellent and kept me on my seat the entire time I was reading it.

United States

Gardens Of The Moon by Steven Erikson

10 stars

Best series ever read, actually reading it for a 3rd time and enjoying it as ever. 2nd best is Iron Throne. That's so rich, breathtaking, it's an ufo in fantasyland.


Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen Donaldson

9 stars

This is a great book. Thomas Covenant is unlikeable in this novel, but he probably has the most amazing character arc in fiction. How can one go from so disliking a character to loving him? That's what Donaldson does in the course of 6 novels. I can see why people are turned off by this novel, but there really is a lot to miss out on if you don't continue.


Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

10 stars

The book is great read! The life of a wild cat is portrayed excellently and the main character is made to be relatable and perfect as the reader enters the world blind like him. We learn all about the Clans with the main character and honestly the further you read the more intrigued in the story you get! I most definitely recommend.


Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie

10 stars

I've read all of Ambercrombies works and recently picked up a series of short stories called; Sharpe Edge. However Best served Cold is by far his best work. I found myself laughing out loud when I read the first character to feel the wrath of Monzas blunt nosed hammer as it splinters fingers, caves in kneecaps and we see the character spit chicklets as the hammer finds his teeth. Then Monza closes the sale with a crippling blow to the center of the face. You know instantly that like Robert Shaw in Jaws securing his safety belt you the reader are in for a bumpy ride. I rate this work of fiction an 11.

United States of America

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

10 stars

I am 14 years old and I live in London. I have had horses since I was four and have always loved riding. My mum introduced me to War Horse three years ago and I have read it four times! I just can't get enough of it and I cry every time I read it. I really sympathised with Albert, I think he is a very strong character and I really respected the way he looked after his horses. I didn't sympathise with Alberts dad, this is because I thought he was a careless man who only thinks about himself. This all changes in the end of the book. I think Michael Morpurgo is an amazing author and he inspires me into writig with all his amazing stories. This book has changed the way I thought about the war and it would be great if any more young readers would like to read it. Thanks.

Samantha Jones

The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

10 stars

This isn't really like other books, even its imitators, though the best of them are similarly long, variable in pace and diverse in language and location. The early part of the story was meant to be a follow-up to The Hobbit, until it switches tracks and increasingly becomes the war story that it actually is. Those who have read war memoirs by anyone who actually lived through a war will know the difference between a war story and an action novel. There has been some discussion about whether, since this can be "read by teenagers", LotR is really a "YA" novel. I read Arabian Sands at age of 10, so that is a YA story? Go figure. YA is a marketing term, and didn't exist in Tolkien's day. People just wrote stories. However I think Anon of UK below has it right. It's best read when you still have hopes and dreams. As you get older, it may fade more and more into the land of hopes and dreams - but it is you that are changing. Some of the cold bitter side of life can be glimpsed under the surface at times, (If you want more of that, Go To The Silmarillion.) I have a feeling that when you get really old, you may begin to see its relevance again. In these increasingly difficult times, not a week goes by but I remember the words of Galadriel to Sam at the end of The Mirror of Galadriel. Tolkien had after all lived through the time of Hitler. If you want to read it but (like my Granny) can't stand little men with furry feet, try reading it backwards from, say, Many Partings. Chapter by chapter, I mean, not word for word. That doesn't work. You don't have to read it. The Wizard of Earthsea is also a very fine book, and a lot shorter.


Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson

9 stars

If you have arrived at this point in Erikson's story, and are still here, then you are a patient and diligent reader. Willing to go back and refresh a recently read, but hazily remembered, detail that has suddenly emerged as important. The convoluted story-line, complex characters, many poems-odes - and quotes and multitude of story-lines running simultaneously challenges the reader-as I believe the author intended. An enjoyable and worthwhile challenge!

Ed G G

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

9 stars

I would recommend the book to people who are not overly into sci-fi, since it is quite mild and not too science-ish. It is well written, which was obvious since it is by Stephenie Meyer. Definitely one of my favorite books. The characters are so lovable (and hateable) and they really makes you think about our human traits, such as aggression, selfishness and arrogance. Th only relatively (but not overly) contra point is that it gets quite sappy at times.


Shadowmagic by John Lenahan

8 stars

I am a huge Tolkien fan so began this reading adventure with some scepticism. However, I absolutely loved the trilogy & just wish Mr Lenahan would write some more. Excellent stuff.


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