Special Features

As well as reading and reviewing fantasy books we also love to run special features on the other aspects of the fantasy genre that fascinate us. From artwork to origins, we hope you experience as much fun reading our special features as we did creating them.

Fantastic Fantasy Artwork

Illustrators are every bit as important as the author. The artwork that adorns a book's cover will greet a prospective reader before they have had chance to read a single word. It is responsible for the all-important first impression and can either entice or repel... In the on-going special feature, Fantastic Fantasy Artwork, we on the very best artwork that the fantasy genre has to offer, and talk to the illustrators behind the artwork and discover all the fascinating elements that are part and parcel of the creative process.

Fantasy Book Review Short Story Competition 2011

For six months in 2011 we ran a fantasy short story competition. The three winning entries were excellent and can be read by following the links below.

An image taken from an illustration of David Rudden's Senescence.
David Rudden
An image taken from an illustration of Kirsty Logan's Coin-Operated Boys.
Coin-Operated Boys
Kirsty Logan
An image taken from an illustration of Kat Zantow's To Ashes.
To Ashes
Kat Zantow

Special features

We are constantly running special features on topics and events that we feel particularly passionate about.

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