AB Shires

AB Shires was born in Bradford and spent a large portion of his childhood in hospital, where he spent his time reading children’s fiction. The adventures of his fictional characters offered an escape from the pains of treatment, sometimes within the pages of books and sometimes dreaming about alternate realities. Overcoming his disabilities, Shires has worked for both public and private enterprises.

In 2006, at the request of his son Daniel, Shires wrote a short story to help with a school assignment, which triggered memories of his childhood ambition to write. While travelling on a train from Shipley to Leeds on a cold February morning, he began his first chapter. Eye of Osiris is Shires first novel, the beginning of a children’s saga that will lead five young adventurers, and their readers, on a thrill ride of exploration.

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Eye Of Osiris

The Shipley Five written by AB Shires

Five children from Shipley find a crystal that transports them to a mysterious hallway of magical treasures and doorways to other worlds. All five enter the dark world of O [...]

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