Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell was born in Falkirk, Scotland, and grew up there, before moving on to study Computer Science at Edinburgh University. After graduating, he worked for DMA Design, Visual Sciences and Rockstar, developing video games: Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64, Formula One 2000 for the Playstation, and the Grand Theft Auto series on the PC and PS2. After finishing Vice City, he left to pursue a career in photography and to write.

His first book, Scar Night, sold to Tor in the UK and Bantam in the US.

Alan Campbell reviews

Scar Night

Deepgate Codex Trilogy: Book 1 written by Alan Campbell

Suspended by chains over a seemingly bottomless abyss, the ancient city of Deepgate is home to a young angel, an assassin, and a psychotic murderer hungry for revenge or re [...]

Published: 2006

Our rating: 7.0 | 1 positive reader reviews


Iron Angel

Deepgate Codex Trilogy: Book 2 written by Alan Campbell

The chained city of Deepgate is now in ruins, and the spine militia are trying to halt the exodus of panicking citizens with brutal force. Rachel and the angel Dill are dra [...]

Published: 0000

Our rating: 8.5 | 1 positive reader reviews


Sea of Ghosts

Gravedigger Chronicles: Book 1 written by Alan Campbell

When the last of the Gravediggers, an elite imperial infiltration unit, are disbanded and hunted down by the emperor they once served, munitions expert Colonel Thomas Grang [...]

Published: 2011

Our rating: 8.6 | 0 positive reader reviews