Amanda Downum

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Amanda was born in Virginia, and has since then spent time in Indonesia, Micronesia, Missouri, and Arizona, with brief layovers in California and Colorado. Seventeen years ago she was sucked into the gravity well of Texas, and hasn't managed to escape. Yet.

She graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in English Literature, a minor in German, and a Technical Writing certification. She still uses the German sometimes.

She married a technical boy, and runs a housing project for fat and bitchy cats, and one rambunctious puppy. She lives near Austin, in a house with a spooky attic, and is currently a bookstore minion while writing and beast-herding full time. Details of her mental breakdown will follow.

The Proustian minutiae of her life can be found on her blog, where she does not speak of herself in the third person. Usually.

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Amanda Downum books reviewed


The Necromancer Chronicles

  • The Drowning City (2009)
  • The Bone Palace (2010)
  • Kingdoms of Dust (2011)