Amy Kennedy

As a self proclaimed day dreamer, Amy Kennedy has been dreaming up stories and writing since the age of twelve. Her dreaming and writing were temporarily cut short in 1994, when, after the birth of her second son, she was diagnosed with renal failure. It took four and a half long years of dialysis and a few near death experiences before God restored her by way of a kidney transplant. Amy gives thanks to the Lord every day for not only restoring her health but also her creativity and ministry. Seed of Seerling is her first published book.

After receiving her kidney transplant in April 1999, Amy began work as a newspaper editor. The five years working in journalism taught her discipline in her writing and helped motivate her to seek a more creative writing future. Amy is now healthy and happy and living in a small, farming community in Northern Illinois with wonderful husband Dan, a Worship Pastor and their two sons, Andrew, 16 and Joshua, 14. Both Amy and her husband are actively involved in hospice care and community events. Amy also puts her writing talents to good use in her home church by writing skits and plays.

Amy Kennedy reviews

Seed of Seerling

by Amy Kennedy

An act of compassion in her childhood leads to slavery for Astril and several of her fellow Seerlings. Her journey as a slave leads her out of the magical evil of her child [...]

Series: Crossroads Trilogy: Book 1
Published: 0000

Score: 72

Our rating: 7.0 | 2 positive reader reviews