Brenda Clough

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Brenda Clough is an author of science fiction and fantasy novels. She also writes short stories and occasional non-fiction. Spending much of her childhood overseas, courtesy of the U.S. government, she has lived in Laos, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Germany. She returned to Pittsburgh, PA to earn a degree in English/Creative Writing at Carnegie Mellon University in 1977.

Several years working as a reporter for a major metropolitan newsletter enabled her to write a fantasy novel, The Crystal Crown, in 1984. She has also written The Dragon of Mishbil (1985), The Realm Beneath (1986), and The Name of the Sun (1988). Her children's novel, An Impossumble Summer (1992), is set in her own house in Virginia, where she lives in a cottage at the edge of a forest.

A number of short stories have appeared in anthologies, the most recent being Home Is the Sailor in the anthology Starlight 3, and How to Save the World. She also had a novella May Be Some Time in the 2001 issue of Analog, which was on the final ballot for both the Hugo and the Nebula Awards. Her short story titled Times Fifty, in the October 2001 issue of Christianity Today, won a Higher Goals in Christian Journalism award from the Evangelical Press Association.

Brenda blogs every week at the Book View Cafe Blog.

Brenda Clough books reviewed


  • The Crystal Crown (1984)
  • The Dragon of Mishbil (1985)
  • The Realm Beneath (1986)
  • The Name of the Sun (1988)
  • An Impossumble Summer (1992)
  • How Like a God (1997)
  • Doors of Death and Life (2000)
  • Revise the World (2008)