China Mieville

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China Miéville lives and works in London. His first novel, King Rat, was published in 1998, Perdido Street Station (winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award) followed in 2000, The Scar (winner of the British Fantasy Award) in 2002, Iron Council in 2004 (winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award), and Looking for Jake and Other Stories in 2006.

China Mieville books reviewed

Critical acclaim

... for The City & The City ...

'A fine, page-turning murder investigation in the tradition of Philip K Dick, gradually opening up to become something bigger and more significant than we originally suspected ... Mieville again proves himself as intelligent as he is original' Michael Moorcock, Guardian

'An eye-opening genre-buster. The names of Kafka and Orwell tend to be invoked too easily for anything a bit out of the ordinary, but in this case they are worthy comparisons' The Times

'China Mieville has stepped over a line, the police line that warns fantasy writers DO NOT CROSS. Nevertheless, The City & The City is not a renunciation of his earlier work, but a defiant and rewarding extrapolition of his defining themes' The Scotsman

'It sparks thought in a way that the more conventional novels would never dare to' Daily Telegraph

'A weird and ingenious idea so cleverly and convincingly carried out that the result bears comparison with the modernist myths of Kafka or Borges. No kidding. China Mieville has been lauded as a leading exponent of the 'new weird', and rightly so, but he's far too good to be kept in any sub-genre box. This is an exceptional novel: audacious, original and haunting' Daily Mail 

... for Kraken ...

"While Miéville is far from the first novelist to threaten to obliterate London, he may win the prize for having the most fun along the way... Here we have a prodigious imagination letting rip...The exuberant energy and ambition of Kraken make for a complex novel packed with fascinating and original concepts." Guardian

... for Perdido Street Station ...

"A well-written, authentically engrossing adventure story, exuberantly full of hocus-pocus... Mieville does not disappoint" Daily Telegraph