Chris Bradford

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Chris Bradford lives an action packed life and is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie. He's thrown himself over Victoria Falls on a bungee cord, out of an airplane in New Zealand and off a French mountain on a paraglider, but he's always managed to land safely - something he learnt from his martial arts training...

Chris joined a Judo club aged seven and since then he has trained in karate, kickboxing, samurai swordsmanship and has earned his black belt in Tai-jutsu, the fighting art of the ninja. Chris is a student of Sensei Akemi Solloway, who is the eldest daughter of an old samurai family, descended from the Karo of Iwatsuki Castle, near Tokyo.

Young Samurai was inspired by Chris's passion for martial arts and a desire to share the positive influence it has had on his life, as well as his love of Japanese culture.

Before writing the Young Samurai series, Chris was a professional musician and songwriter. He's even performed for her HRH Queen Elisabeth II (but suspects she found his bad a bit noisy).

Chris lives on the South Downs with his wife and two cats called Tigger and Rhubarb.

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