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E.A. Sunden's debut novel Domain of Illusion reveals a fantasy world in upheaval. Once a bright and beautiful oasis, the Valley of Tsura faces bleak times. The assassination of the High Emperor followed cruelly on the heels of Empress Zaiya's unexpected death after the birth of her first child, Naora. Now, strange smoke phantoms are openly attacking the small agrarian village. The direct results of such attacks seem to be three mysterious illnesses previously unknown to the people of the valley. With the strange disappearance of the High Emperor's eldest son, it is up to his younger twin brothers Emperor's Arel and Kozai to unravel the mysterious plot against the valley before the malevolence of a hidden power consumes all.

Local author E.A. Sunden initially wrote Domain of Illusion as a Health & Kinesiology student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. In carefully constructing this thrilling tale, Ms. Sunden included an underlying health message for all inclined readers to decipher. Can you pierce the illusion and solve the message? Not to worry, a guide has been prepared for such purposes and will be available upon request.

After graduating in 2005, Ms. Sunden remained in her hometown of West Lafayette, Indiana with a mission. Being an innovator at heart, she saw an incredible opportunity to bring her chosen health issue to life in a fresh new way within the public. She worked to finish the unique project that she had begun back in 2001. Today, Domain of Illusion stands as her greatest work...so far.

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Domain of Illusion

NA written by EA Sunden

Twilight’s sombre grace echoed softly through the grief-stricken Valley of Tsura. Not long after the loving burial of the beautiful Empress Zaiya, the valley was struc [...]

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