Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh was raised in the UK but left London to travel, and found herself in Australia where she fell in love with the country and one person in particular. She has since roamed the world for her work in the travel industry but has settled down to full-time writing. McIntosh lives with her husband and teenage sons, splitting her time between city life in South Australia and the wilderness of Tasmania.

She admits to a helpless obsession for chocolate and runs an elite competition, over which she alone presides, for the supreme chocolate products around the world... from best hot chocolate to best gelati... and everything chochlatey in between. According to Fiona, Paris presently leads the charge and she is still recovering from last year's chocolate macaroon experience.

Proving you can have a career and juggle your passion as well as family life, Fiona runs what is arguably Australia's largest book club that gathers monthly. Int is now in its seventh year and boasts 60 members. In addition she runs frequent workshops for aspiring writers, lectures at TAFE, and is now in demand as a public speaker on risk, motivation and chasing dreams.

She is also known as Lauren Crow, the pen name under which she writes British-based crime novels, and next year Fiona's first standalone fantasy volume for middle readers will be published.

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Published: 0000

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