Gene Rowe and Andrew Schofield

Gene Rowe was born in the exotic town of Bedford. He rapidly escaped - though only as far as Suffolk, where he was condemned to attend a rural comprehensive school. In spite of this, he managed to get into Bristol University, where he was sectioned into the psychology department. There he gained the only first of his year after the lecturers got confused and mistook him for a student rather than a case study. He has remained in academia ever since, and now lives with his partner and daughter somewhere in The Mysterious East.

Andrew Schofield came into this world fully formed; a bit like Venus except for the beautiful bits. He too survived the state school system, shining in the subjects of skiving games, acne and chemistry. His ability at science sent him to Bristol University to study the dark arts of the test tube, crucible and distillation apparatus (particularly the distillation apparatus). He still lives in the British university system where he survives in The Cold North as a plaything of physicists.